Why Men Like to Play Video Games More Than Women

Why do more men than women like to play (violent) video games? Professor Allan Reiss of Stanford University found out that it's all about their urge to conquer and vanquish:

In the study, published recently in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, scientists wired up a series of men and women to an MRI scanner while they played a video game, which involved competing to win on-screen territory by clicking on a series of balls.

After analysing the MRI data, the researchers found participants showed activation in the brain's mesocorticolimbic centre, the region typically associated with reward and addiction.

Male brains, however, showed much greater activation, and the amount increased as they gained more territory. This was not the case with women.


Humans are greedy. Are you going to tell me *most* women't aren't ?

I think the obvious result of this is (most) "Men are territorial and competitive".

And we like toys. :D
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Meh. Brain activity reacts to and is shaped by experience. Men are rewarded more when they're young for competition and aggression. I think this study can just as easily be read as confirming society's ability to shape brain chemistry.
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Ugh... This is such crap. I'm sure it's all genetic and I'm some sort of freak because I have a vagina and play games competitively. It must be my extra Y chromosome that predisposes me to enjoying arterial bloodspray and a good combat system.

Must be it.

I'm sure they properly controlled for gaming history and cultural factors that may have an impact on the way we view the world. I'm sure.

Please, Neatorama... please... I come here to be stimulated, not insulted with preliminary studies whose conclusions are blown out of proportion.
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Unless this post is missing something important, this study hasn't provided any worthwhile evidence that the fun men have while playing violent video games is necessarily linked to any urge to conquer. Above all else, we must keep in mind that video games aren't real. Aside from the mentally ill, the activities people enjoy doing in video games usually don't reflect what they would enjoy doing in real life. Believe it or not, most people are compassionate, not greedy. Unfortunately, it's the greedy people who usually rule over society, whether from the tops of glass towers or from the stink of dark alleyways.
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Functional MRI is extremely nonspecific and very prone to error as shown multiple times over and over again. There has been a tremenous number of studies using fMRI as a methodology to test hypotheses such as this, mainly so that people can ge their names on papers. Take everything with a grain of salt. - A Boston based radiology resident (doctor)
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All the people here crying about the test results showing men as territorial than women are the same people who get offended when you say something obviously true like men are taller than women.

Just for the record, men are taller than women. While there are obvious exceptions, if you argue with that statement, you're just a giant, giant, giant, niggling twat.
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but not ALL men are taller than ALL women. but you covered that with saying "there are obvious exceptions."

this study just reaffirms that society raises your kids more than you do. boys are encouraged to be competetive even before they're born when they're given baby athletic gear and tonka toys. they are socialized to get used to settings outside of the house while girls are socialized to be domestic. just look at childrens' toys. "boy" toys are cars, trucks, GI Joes, electronics, gizmos and gadgets. "girl" toys are dolls, paints, and an EZ-Bake oven. when these same boys and girls grow up, these same behaviors are more strongly encouraged in many more influential settings and by more influential people (peers, teachers, the media). it's no DUH boys enjoy more competitive gaming than girls, because it has been driven into their brains to do so.

i'm a female, and i'm a huge gamer. i hate sports, i hate competition, and i REALLY hate socially constructed expectations of people based on their sex organs. but i love sawing dudes in half with my chainsaw rifle on gears2, and it has nothing to do with my gender.

so basically, this study is bunk and i'm glad the rest of you think the same. happy new year everyone!
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I know a bunch of guys that are shorter than me. There are short women AND men, tall women and tall men as well. But I'm not going to say something stupid like women are taller than men just because a lot of us are. Nope, its not just a few "exceptions" lol. There are more of us than you think. Unfortunately many tall women seem ashamed of their height and will purposely try to slouch over and walk with slightly hunched shoulders so as not to look so tall rather than being happy and comfortable with their height. I blame the way society raises us for that too, and I guess some people just hate the idea of women being as tall as men and think there's something wrong with them.
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And Barm can shut it. The only one crying about anything is him and his fear of women that are able to kick his ass in a video game. And women that are as tall as or taller than him.. Sorry dude, but we exist. Actually that's nothing to be sorry about, haha.
Oh ya, kinda forgot to mention I'm a female gamer too. A few of my favorite games include F.E.A.R. perseus mandate, half life 2, prey, and doom 3... There is absolutely no study than can prove that I don't enjoy my games as much as if not more than some guy next to me. The only reason why there are more men playing video games is because of the fact that most women are simply not raised and expected to take a liking to such things. I feel sorta bad for them, they're missing out.
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Female gamers are cool, but I'd be lying if I said that the are more populous than male gamers, in my experience. One of my best friends is a female gamer (and programmer), but most of my female friends aren't as 'into it' as most of my male friends. And there are exceptions.

What I'm saying here is that these are generalizations. Of course it's not true for 100% of people, and CERTAINLY less probably for females who are into computers. And, of course, not you, female gamer neatorama poster. ;)

As time goes on, it seems more and more women are getting into gaming, which is cool. I think that lends credence to 'nurture' vs nature, as far as liking gamaing. But right now, I'd have to say that is seems more men do, in fact, enjoy gaming than women. Generally.
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"I blame the way society raises us for that too, and I guess some people just hate the idea of women being as tall as men and think there’s something wrong with them." I blame genetics. If it weren't for those pesky genes, women could be as tall as they wanted.

Arden, you're like a tall woman who hears a professor claim height is a morphological sex difference and decides to point out you're taller than he is. (And interrupts class, and everyone wishes you would just shut up.)

I am 5' 10", so there are lots of women taller than I am. I am also not that good at video games, so you are probably a lot better. I'm also very bad at tennis, so what? It doesn't matter. The study still shows what the study shows.

I wasn't pointing to my male genitalia, afraid they would be removed because of electronic inadequacy. I was just pointing out that statements like yours ignore obvious conclusions in the search for self-righteous indignation.
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The study finds that men enjoy video games more than women, or that men enjoy video games which involve territory acquistion more than women?

As a fellow female gamer, I just want to point out to my sisters that there is no point in getting all rilled up about this study. I mean, A) It's just one little study, and B) Who gives a fuck? Now I've got to get back to the games.
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“I blame the way society raises us for that too, and I guess some people just hate the idea of women being as tall as men and think there’s something wrong with them.” I blame genetics. If it weren’t for those pesky genes, women could be as tall as they wanted.

Well how exactly how did you come to the conclusion that I was blaming the way we were raised for our height? I was still talking about why less of us are gamers at that point. Judging from your reply I guess you didn't even read my entire post and decided all I was doing is stating that I'm a tall girl. Geez.

Yeah yeah and I know, who gives a fuck. I just found it pretty ridiculous. Heh, next they're gonna come up with another pointless and stupid study to try to show why women like shoes or something more than men, or why people seem to think women like yogurt more than men do. According the all the yogurt commercials anyway, guys apparently hate yogurt lol.
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I just wanted to add that yes most females do not game and yes there is the odd few who do game and their is nothing wrong with them...Now a days women are Suposed to be feminine and feminine is not sawing someone in half with a chainsaw in gears 2....and also were do you find these women that play games?....I want 1 :p
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is there any men left in this world???????????? they can sit and play games for 8 hrs while bithching because ur kids are walking in front of the tv get off ur ass and grow up thats what i think.
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donna u shut up men are taller, stronger,more athletic and smarter, and way better at video games without men there would be no jesus,technology, for muslims no muhamad, and woman are just as crimials as men a woman just shot 5 innocent people im not saying my opinion im just saying the truth.
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back-then men are considered a blessing women not really, men have more strength and energy than the average woman thats y it was great back then and still today like in china u can only have 1 child most pick to keep the boys girls go in orphanage i and in the poorer parts of the world it is still like it was back then.
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