Working Antikythera Model

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I'm sure most of you know at least something about the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism that was found at the bottom of the sea in 1901 near the island of Antikythera (from where the device took its name) and is estimated to have been built between 150-100 BC by an unknown builder. Famed for its mysterious and significantly advanced gear mechanism and complex build the Antikythera Mechanism was eventually found to be a computing calender and clock of sorts for the planets. Which may have been useful to sailors as would be evidenced by why the device was found among the carcass of a sunken ship.

Fast forward to the modern age and we find curator Michael Wright with the first fully functional working model of the Antikythera Mechanism in the World. To imagine that such advanced and complex machines were being built so long ago has fascinated and helped reshape ancient history and knowledge. The mystery concerning this device has increased as archaeologists and scientists wonder why they have only found this sole machine in the past century and why there is no recorded information regarding its creator.

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Amazing to see a working model... Makes you wonder how many other techological marvels of the ancients have disappeared because they were melted down just for the metal value.
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My honest guess regarding this device that perhaps it could have been used for religious or ceremonial purposes. Nothing says, "I am a God!" to the masses then by pointing at the sky and having an eclipse occur. :) But then again I do have a vivid imagination.

Glad to see so many of you folks are enjoying this. Remember there are stranger things out there that science has yet to explain. ;) *eerie music*
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now that's super NEAT (o-rama)! i just read about this over at this morning and i was looking around the internets for something just like this - ie a working model. thanks for entertaining me and enlightening me every single day.
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dunno, it seems handy to know the moon stands on a ship) (higwater is related to that) maybe an eclips also implies something nautical i dont know off.
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