Bear Playing Hockey

Have you ever seen a bear - yes, a real bear - play hockey? No? Well, here's a video clip of such phenomenon. It is surprisingly agile on skates! (Too bad none of the players were macho enough to start a brawl with it ...)

Link [embedded YouTube clip] | For other awesome animal in sports video, check out this Manofest post.

Oh snap, I saw this at the circus once when I was little. A whole team of bears playing hockey. Ethics aside, it was epic entertainment.
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I know it's bad that it's being used like that, but that was still cute as heck watching it ice skate and trying to hit the puck.
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It's beyond me why Neato keeps posting videos of animals being misused by people. First the bug fights, now this! What's next..."How to make a kitten in a jar!" Disgusting.
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This really breaks my heart. It's so unnatural and cruel and unnecessary. (And it's the opposite of cute or funny.) I hope the trainer who "taught" the bear this trick gets eaten - by bears.
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Just adding to the chorus:

Is it really so cute/funny that it is worth making readers and viewers think this is a good idea?

Take one second to think about the transportation of the bear to that location, forcing his body into the shirt and gear and skates, and then pushing him onto ice for amusement. Or does the hilarity from pulling this off justify whatever it takes to get there?

I would love for Neatorama to take a stance about this kind of content.
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