World's Oldest Cat Turns 125 in Cat Years

Mischief, the world's oldest cat, just turned 27 years old. He's still very active, but has been slowing a little in the last years. His owner, Mr. Thorne, got Mischief when he was only a few months old.

He's still got two good years to go if he wants to be the oldest living cat ever though, as the current record stands at 29.


Update: He's got at least a good 98 years to go before he catches up to the world's oldest living animal, Jonathan the tortoise. If you click the link, you'll see a great picture of Jonathan from 1900, when he was already around 75.


Aww, I wish dogs lived that long, too <=(

At any rate, I -love- the name "Mischief" for a cat, that's very cute. Many happy returns, Mischief!
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We've had our cat 18 years next Spring, and we have good reason to believe she was about three years old when she wandered in. She's a bit slow, these days, and I've had to make a step so she can get off the sofa without going all splay-legged and hurting herself, but she seems happy enough, particualarly when there's a warm lap to sit on.
She doesn't like wet weather though - she only goes out under hydraulic pressure.
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If that's a current picture of the 27 year old cat, I'm beyond impressed. My neighbor's cat lasted past 22 and it was little more than some tufts of matted fur over bone, limping sadly around the house.
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Actually, the oldest cat ever was Creme Puff. She lived to be 38 years old and before that it was Grampa who lived to be 34 years old. Both were in the guiness book, both owned by the same man.

Here's a documentary about the man and has both cats in it:
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The post here is a little misleading, but the link clears it up. If this cat (from Cornwall) makes it another 2 years, it will reach the *UK* (not world) record of 29.

If one considers Guinness to be the keeper of records on such things, this cat is not currently the world "oldest cat", nor even the current UK "oldest cat" because such a claim hasn't been officially made to them yet. That's where in the article, the Guinness guy encourages the owners to give Guinness a call. If Guinness accepts the claim, it sounds like it would be the current UK senior cat.

As the link notes, Creme Puff made it to 38 and is the world record holder but was a US based feline. Mischief needs to worry about the UK record first...

I've had a couple of 19 year old cats, one of which could have been older. My current geezer will by 18 in the Spring and is doing pretty well. Indoor cats generally live a LOT longer than outdoor-only or indoor/outdoor.
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Back in 1990 or so I was in a vets office in Central Illinois and was introduced to his cat that was supposedly 30 years old. The cat was obviously old, but the fur was every bit as soft as a younger cat. I wondered if it was more of a project than a pet.
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I work in a vet office as well and every 3 weeks or so a very sweet old lady brings her 29 year old cat in for enemas...he's old the crapper doesn't work like it used to. He lookes pretty sad but...still alive.
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Hey I just stumbled on this site after looking up how old cats live. My kitty just turned 19 and I thought that was a miracle! She still looks great and walks around like a teenager :)
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