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Caption Monkey 52: Sara the Walrus Plays the Saxophone

Photo via Ananova

Hooray! It's time for Neatorama and Hobotopia's Caption Monkey game. But first, the story: that's Sara the Walrus who is trained to play the saxophone!

Under the direction of her trainer, Sara the Walrus grips the brass instrument between her flippers and blasts out a note.

Russian trainer Sergiy has also taught her to strike a nonchalant pose, leaning on a worktop with one flipper under her chin and looking bored.

Sara's skills at mimicking humans extend to dressing up as a railway platform conductor and blowing a whistle. (Source)

Now, onto the game: funniest caption will win an original Laugh-Out-Loud Cat comic by Adam Koford. Place your caption in the comment section. One caption per comment, please, but you can enter as many as you like.

Don't forget to check out Adam's blog for inspiration! Good luck!

PS Yes, Miss C wrote about Sara earlier today, but since I got this post prepped beforehand, let's just go with it!

Update 12/3/08 - Adam has picked the winner! He really liked the non-sequitur-ishness of this one:
Riiiiiiiicolaaaaaaa! by Scott-O. Congrats!

alternate version of comment 2

"I had a big blue bucket/
But the bucket I did lose/
Now I'm without my bucket,
Playin' the blue bucket blues..."
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In this scene it was crucial that Wilford Brimley's character played the saxophone. Wilford himself did not know how to play the instrument, but luckily his stunt-double did.
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Sergiy, this is how it's done!

p.s. Saxophone is not a brass instrument, it is only made out of brass. To function, it uses a reed of different sizes on the mouthpiece, making it a woodwind. Brass buzz their lips to make sound.
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This single note doesn't sound that good and I'm not really having any fun. I wish humans would stop wishing that every other animal had the same social habits that they do. It's getting kind of out of hand. Seriously. Just give me a fish.
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::balloon over seal::
"Enjoy this novelty now you bald ruskie, because when this tune is over I'm going to rip you apart like a gladiator."
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Am I the only one who feels sorry for the exploited life form?

Wouldn't he or she be much happier out and about in the sea with his or her own kind?

Animals as amusement is the guiltiest pleasure isn't it?
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The Walrus and the Whistle Man
Were jamming in a band;
They wept like anything to hear
Such booing from each fan.
"If only i had thumbs, you see,
our music would be grand!"
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Bill Clinton has really let himself go.


In other news, photographic evidence now proves that it was Mr. Whiskers, not Paul, who was actually The Walrus.
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