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Hard Times for "Other Women"

In a survey of really rich people, the Wall Street Journal found that 80% of millionaires who have secret lovers will be cutting back on gifts and financial support during the economic crisis.
The survey–a subset of a larger wealth study–polled 191 individuals with a minimum net worth of $20 million who said they had lovers of at least a year or more (this to screen out the one-night stands, etc.). About two thirds of the respondents were men and one third women. All were married and all had personal control over their finances, meaning the women and men surveyed were the primary wealth holders in their homes.

The most surprising stats in the study relate to gender and what might be termed “length of service.” Fully 82% of men in the study said they planned to lower the allowances to their mistresses, while more than three quarters planned to provide fewer gifts, less expensive gifts and fewer perks, like jet rides, resort vacations and top restaurant meals.

Women were far more generous to their paramours in the face of financial crises. Less than 20% planned to lower allowances, gifts and perks, while more than half planned to raise them.

It appears that in hard times, it's better to have a sugar mama than to have a sugar daddy. Link -Thanks, Mark!

Good point, Gail Pink, but still... if the "other" was doing that well, then the financially strapped idiot sleeping with them would choose him/her over their spouse, wouldn't they? That would really save some money. I think I must have been cheated on in a past life or something because this sort of thing just makes me smile.

Of course, the woman showering her lover with gifts during a financial crisis is just idiotic.
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Why even bother getting married in the first place. Doesn't it bother anyone else that so many people actually responded that they cheat on their spouse? And those are only the ones who admit it. It makes me sick and also reinforces my stance on marriage. (In case you don't get it, I'm against it.)
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Well this is a good thing because if I was still married to my cheating husband he probably would have spent money on her instead of me!

The only thing he ever gave me was the diamond engagement ring he gave to me when he proposed. But after we divorced I was so upset to learn he cheated that sold it to on for some closure.

It's all about being single this Christmas!
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@baffled: I agree, it is quite disturbing. But, the men and women whom the survey asked were the "breadwinners" and they're millionaires. With that comes power and they probably admitted to their cheating ways because they feel they can do what they want. Who knows, maybe their lawfully wedded partners know about their side affairs. Some men and women turn the other way as long as they're being "kept". *Sigh* Marriage.
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I would have to agree with mikos. The people we should be blaming are the wives who let themesleves go in the first place. If they kept their partners' interest, they wouldn't have to stray.
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Why do you people care if other people have lovers outside of their marriage? Quite a strong response from some of you. And weird.
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I can't speak for anyone else, but I will tell you why I care. I have no respect for the person straying or the person they do it with because it is dishonesty at its ugliest. If a person is not happy with their partner, they should leave that person rather than punish them with betrayal, whatever the reason, even if it is as shallow as a person "letting themselves go".

Cheating is the lowest form of betrayal and it's cowardly. The person that they are sleeping with, if they are aware that this person is married, is cheap trash for doing it, and they deserve any heartbreak they suffer in the process because it in no way compares to what the betrayed spouse must be going through.

I have watched a person close to me suffer through infidelity and while I am generally tolerant of what people do behind closed doors, I lose a lot of respect for anyone that would have an affair. A spouse never has to stray. They could actually grow a spine and address the issues in their marriage, fix them, or get out.
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