Vampire Killing Kit

This 200-year-old vampire killing kit was recently sold at an auction in Natchez, Missisippi. The winning bid? $14,850! Link -Thanks, Commander Flatus!

I wonder where the vampires are today? I mean, if they were so feared back then they must've been somewhat common so where did they all go?
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Pffft. This is the old stuff. Nowadays vampire hunters use GPS tracking, garlic and holy water sprays, and learn various deadly martial arts techniques...errr...I mean...what vampires!?
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200 years old is it. Funny, it looks just like the 'distressed' kits sold to comic book shops by an RPG company years ago during the Buffy craze. Expensive at the time, but not that much.
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A friend of mine who is an artist has been creating these since the 1950's...still sells them, makes them from scratch to look like they're 100 years old...and much better quality than this phony. Check them out
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