15 Famously Filthy People

Even in historical eras in which people didn't normally bathe, some famous folk stood out from the crowd by leading filthy lives. Yes, Howard Hughs is included. Pictured is king Louis XIV of France, who took maybe two or three baths his entire life, when forced by his doctors. He refused treatment for gangrene, which led to his death. Link -Thanks, Sami!

My husband and I watched a documentary on Chairman Mao Zedong a few years ago. He was so filthy that not only did he have as many STDs as one could possible have without your "member" falling off, but in order to "wash" his naughty bits he would request a woman or 10 a day so that could wash his genitals clean in the poor woman. Why in the world this deranged man would think that washing his junk off inside someone else is beyond me.......funk nasty juices everywhere!
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What about Michaelangelo? I'm surprised he's not on this list. There are many stories of his filth, including that he took his shoes off so rarely and bathed so sparingly, that when he removed his shoes, the skin of his feet would often slough off with them. Also, while working on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, he wore a hat with a candle attached to it to see in better while working in the dark, the candle wax would drip onto his face and he would not clean the wax off, walking around for days with the wax caking his face. Yah, very surprised he's not on this list.
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