Kota the Triceratop Robot

I. So. WANT. This! Behold Kota the Triceratop, a 3-foot-tall plush robot that your kid can ride. How awesome is that?

GeekAlerts blog has the video clip: Link

By "ride" you do know it just stands there right? It doesn't walk. At all. Just bounces a little on the back legs only.

For $300 you get an animatronic dinosaur head attached to a chair.
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Now all kids can be part of the fantasy of growing up to be a Conan the Barbarian and riding their dinosaur around in a loincloth.
I can imagine it now, gangs of the future battling for street supremacy while mounted on the back of their Velociraptors. And it started out so innocently!
Seriously though, any kid would want one of those.
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Just how long will it get played with once the kid works out that it just stands there waggling a bit? I give it a week, perhaps two if the neighbours' kids get involved. Then it'll just take up space.

Spend the money on Lego instead.
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Novelty's the word though, isn't it? We teach kids to always want something new, but then it turns out not to be very satisfying. Do we let them draw the natural conclusion from this? No, we go and spend loads of money on something else new.
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That'll be why I rarely buy £150 toys! Camera - well that gets used most weeks - sometimes several times a week. Table saw - most weeks, often more often. Chop saw likewise, lathe less often but still monthly.
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