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The Gold Statue of Modern Day Aphrodite, Kate Moss!

That's artist Marc Quinn polishing his latest creation: a golden statue of Kate Moss, who he called a "modern day Aphrodite," in a particularly limber pose.

It is the largest gold statue made by man since ancient Egyptian times, weighing 50kg, around the same as its subject.

Artist Marc Quinn, whose previous works include the sculpture of a pregnant woman with no arms or legs on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, said Siren cost £1.5m to make, £1m of which was for the gold.

What does Kate Moss think about all of this?

"For Kate, she thinks it lifts her into a mythical level," he said. "I think she very much loved it because she understands the difference between her image and her self.

"The sculpture is really about whether we make images or they make us. It's about trying to live up to impossible dreams and immortality."


I don't get how a statue of Kate Moss translates into "Aphrodite" - just because you call it that?

Bizarre pose, and I'm not sure why anyone would want it.

Is he perverted? No. He's just trying to be different, like most artists.
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that statue is probably the best investment opportunity anyone could make. it's gold, and it's collectable art. if quinn's stock goes down, at least the metal value won't. ker-ching!
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I can't decide if the face looks like a creepy golden Kate Moss horror movie vampire or a creepy golden Kate Moss horror movie werewolf. *shudder*

Either one, it's hideous.

I hope you're right about it being fake, jojo.
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I love it. It's a powerful image. The artist made the same sculpture before in white painted bronze, calling it 'The Sphinx'.
His explanation was a bit disappointing: Kate Moss is kind of a mystery, a 'sphinx', and the iconic love goddess of our time, whose image is 'contorted' by the media because of her drug use, boyfriends, etc.
Personally I see a sculpture of a confident, proud woman, who is not afraid of controversy, and owns her sexuality. She reminds me of hindu goddess Kali as well as Aphrodite.
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The sculpture of a pregnant woman with no arms or legs was of fellow controversial artist Alison Lapper. She has phocomelia, and is therefore limbless. However, she did conceive a son (through artificial insemination, I think, as I've read nothing pertaining to a husband or even boyfriend), and a photographer friend made a very touching series of photographs of the pair of them playing together. One realizes, when viewing the photographs, that she has never physically held her son except inside her.

There was a lot of fuss made over the appearance of the sculpture on the fourth plinth. Opponents may like to think that it was eventually removed due to their protests. However, the Royal Society of Arts has never kept a statue on the fourth plinth for very long. Wikipedia has a more detailed & explanatory article on the "Fourth Plinth Project" in Trafalgar Square.
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