Man survives lightning strike while pumping gas; caught on video

William Hall of Barker, New York was filling his gas tank at the K&K Food Mart Wednesday when a bolt of lightning struck him, knocking him to the ground and knocking him unconscious. Miraculously, aside from being sore and some minor blistering on one elbow, Hall walked away from the strike unscathed. The event was caught on three different surveillance cameras.

[WIVB-TV: Buffalo, NY - Click for video]

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#1 - I didn't even notice that you had posted this clip, so please get off the cross.

#2 - Alex posted not long ago that Neatorama would be doing its best to get rid of comments that were obviously off-topic political trolling. If you can somehow relate that first comment to the video you posted in any way, I'd like to know how.

#3 - Yes, it seems that there is a double standard, or a bias against Republicans. Evil Pundit, in a post about the election, makes a reasonable response to a "left" political comment, and gets chewed out as a "troll". The off-topic, insulting, and immature comment in this post gets defended as "political sentiment".

#4 - I really don't care about your little political dog-and-pony show in the USA, and I don't need to read either side's silly trolling in posts that are completely unrelated to the election. It's way out of hand.

#5 - I have noticed you try to belittle other people for their comments and opinions. I feel mine was perfectly valid, but you chose to paint me as something different. I'm sorry that you feel you need to go on the attack all the time. It's okay, Adam. I'll let you be the alpha male, if you really want.
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So now you're going to complain about political sentiment in COMMENTS for non-political posts on the site?

Perhaps you'd like me to censor all comments on my posts that might upset you. Is that what you'd like?

Send me a list of topics that upset you and I'll send you a quote for how much it'll cost for me to censor comments including those topics on my posts.

I accept PayPal.
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"Man survives lightning strike while pumping gas; caught on video"

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