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Can Mercenaries Stop the War in Darfur?

The War in Darfur, Western Sudan, Africa, is now in its fifth year and its increasingly unlikely - despite their rhetorics - that major world powers will do anything to prevent the killings.

Some people are now calling for a free market/private sector solution to the conflict: if governments are unwilling to send soldiers to the area, how about the private sector hiring Blackwater mercenaries instead?

John of Locust & Honey wrote:

Several years into the Darfur genocide, it's getting increasingly unlikely that any of the major powers will do anything to prevent the extermination of these people. This problem has led some people to propose a free market solution: mercenaries.

Let us say, hypothetically, that a group of churches or denominations came together and hired a mercenary army to protect the people of Darfur from their Sudanese oppressors. Would their actions be consistent with Christian principles?


Photo caption: A Darfur survivor at the site of a mass grave on the outskirts of the West Darfur town of Mukjar. Photo by: Nasser Nasser and Alfred de Montesquiou - via AP

Such a thing was successfully done before in Angola and Sierra Leone by Executive Outcomes (now defunct), a South African based private military company. It was comprised of former South African military personnel and they had the complete 'package' from military transport to weaponry. Despite their stunning successes, they were mercilessly crucified in the media and by African countries, not the least of which there was this perception that it could be deemed "racist" that a South African military company founded by White South Africans was engaging in war in Africa against Africans.

I'm sure these same allegations will be raised again, but clearly something must be done. It is really striking and disgraceful that nations would invade a country based on false pretenses and trumpet how they "liberated" an "oppressed" and "suffering" people when the situation in Dafur was far, far worse. Citizens of Dafur and places similar truly need international help to include military assistance.

Truly shameful.
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Ok, here's an idea (bear with me).

We strap nuclear bomb detonators to all the villagers, so that if anyone harasses them, they set of a chain reaction of nuclear mayhem that takes out the entire country. Therefore it would be in everyone's best interest to tread lightly.

It's like MAD for civil wars!
What you guys think!? Awesome, right?

Seriously though, that mercenary idea has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
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Having met some of the SA front line state military personel, and a few ex Rhodesian Scouts, I don't think sending these guys anywhere except to PTSD councilling would be a good idea.

They were all white fellas and all seemed to have a few screws loose up stairs.

Oh and as for the Churches bank rolling this idea, wouldn't the Thou Shalt Not Kill bit sort of stymy them?
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There is a difference between Thou Shalt Not Kill and Thou Shalt Protect. Mercenaries would be interesting and effective since they would not care about diplomacy or outcomes except achieving the goal they are paid to achieve which would be to protect the civilians in Darfur.

Of course it would be cheaper and more "ethical" to just fake discover of a massive oil reserve in the region. Then every industrialized nation on the planet would be falling all over themselves to bomb the holy hell out of the Sudanese and anyone else causing problems with the oil supply.
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Two years ago, I wrote about 3/4 of a novel about this idea and it included 90% of the ideas mentioned the articles. The only problem was that I just wasn't a good enough writer to craft a piece of "entertainment" about an on-going real life genocide. It would have made for a great piece of fiction, but it just felt gross.
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At least in the Catholic Church a response could be justified. See: "Just War"
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Wait, shouldn't Americans care about the genocide of Iraqi and Afghan civilians murdered.


Oh Wait! Sudanese government doesn't like America

so its okay to kill people as long as its your government
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Google Executive Outcomes. They stopped the civil war in Sierra Leone until the UN took over. Now the country is full of 14,000 blue helmets child rapers and the civil war is back on.
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I just heard a speech from the U.S. special convey to Sudan by Mr. Williamson and after hearing that Im not opposed to mercenaries at all. The longer the north delays the peace talks the more southerners will be killed until there's no one left to make peace with. If given the chance to take direct action and actually take up arms and kill the oppressors I think some people would take that opportunity, I know I would.
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Many are quick to condemn the notion of privately funded security forces, yet they all fail to offer any hint of a viable solution. In the meantime, the killing continues unabated. The commandment often incorrectly translated as "thou shalt not kill" is accurately translated as "thou shalt not commit murder", which is biblically defined as the killing of an innocent person. If no one was willing to kill the perpetrators of genocide, the concentration camps of the Nazi regime would likely still be operational today.

Please, do not cheapen the plight of these people by assuming that a useless government body, such as the UN, will actually take initiative beyond legal threats. The murderous bands of state-funded terrorists will not stop as long as the free money, guns, and pillaging rights continue to flow from the Sudanese government.
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