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Henry Earl's Mugshots Montage

We covered the case of Henry Earl a while ago on Neatorama. Since then, he's been arrested for ... oh, a few hundred more times ...

For those of you who don't know, Henry has the dubious distinction of being the most arrested man on Earth: he's been arrested an astonishing 1,332 times!

YesButNoButYes has a really nice clip of Henry's mugshot montage from over the years. Ah, the memories! Link

Alex, why are you fascinated by blacks getting arrested? You average at least once a month of posting stories about some African American man or woman getting into trouble. Not very neat! It's noticeable and offensive.
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Hah I love the music for it.
And wqksayi123, you must be one of those people that seeks out the bad in people. Why don't you focus on all the GOOD stuff that's posted here? He posts a ton about cats, inventions, clever videos, etc. I find your accusations offensive, and not very neat.
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wqksayi123, he's posting because he's been arrested more than anyone else on earth, not because he's black. People like you are actually more racist than the people who don't pay any attention to it.
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Yes it has to be racist. If you show a picture of a criminal who is anything but white it is racist. Haven't we learned anything yet?

Sarc off//
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I can see perry has met Henry in person, as have I. I've talked to Henry dozens of times when I lived in Lex. KY. If you ask him his name he will tell you it is James Brown and occasionally do a short dance to make it more authentic. For a time in the late 80's he told people his name was Slick Rick. Henry has complimented me, threatened me (half heartedly), and told me a couple of jokes. If you are female and stop to talk to him he is likely to proposition you, unless he has changed. I tried to feed Henry several times when he asked for money but he would usually be gone by the time I came back. I used to feel bad for Henry until one day he told me he liked to drink and that was all he intended to do in his life. He told me he had no inclination or plans to quit.

Henry did have quite a wardrobe. Most of it from the 1970s. I always wondered where he kept it.
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