Shark with Legs

Talking 'bout sharks, last year a Malaysian fisherman reeled in a shark with webbed feet:

Mary Looi, 48, said she only realised the shark was different when she wanted to cook tomyam fish for lunch for her family.

“It was only when I was about to cut the shark the day after I received it that I found two webbed feet sticking out from the lower part of the body. [...]

Looi said she dared not cook the fish after consulting her husband Gooi Man Kaw, 57, who told her that according to Chinese belief, eating fish with unusual features could bring disaster or ill luck.

“Immediately, I returned the fish to the fisherman that night at about 10pm. “He threw it back into the sea,” said Looi.

Link - via Ugly Overload

Unfortunately, we must collectively call B.S. on this story. Why would they dispose of it in this manner when the only real way to validate their claim, and likely make some money, would be to save it? Why would they think it was worth photographing, yet not worth keeping? Further, the photograph itself is not congruent with the claim of the woman being shocked, and in some sort of irrational frenzy, running back to the fisherman with it.

Sadly, even if it were real, we still shouldn't believe it based on this "evidence." None of this will stop people from believing it, of course, or, worse yet, rationalizing as to why the evidence was thrown away.

So, go ahead.
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Sorry, no legs there, these attachments are the intromittent organs (penises). The seem to be a bit flattened at the tips. Perhaps someone stepped on them.
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Actually they are claspers used to secure the shark to the female during mating. They aren't unusual or uncommon. (And this story was first reported back in 2007.)
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