Miniature War Scenes

A LiveJournal site (in Russian) has a collection of pictures of intricately-detailed miniature war scenes, originally found on a Japanese site. If you can translate any information on this for me, I'd appreciate it! Link -via Dark Roasted Blend

Update 3-2-09: I found the artist! His name is Mark Hogancamp, and you'll find links to his works here. (Thanks, valr!)

Cool, as far as translation, I ran it through the Google Translator and you can make some sense of it:
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I believe that the artist who created this work was on this american life, the television version on showtime, season two. his story was really amazing.
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as phrancis says, the Jewish execution / mass grave scene is... disturbing indeed. Better never forget.

The rest of the miniatures are truely amazing, as I remember building and painting those kind of stuff as a teenager, I can testify, it's a HUUUge piece of work.

...japanese otakus! ^^
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still interested in translation? I can do some of it, although I'm not a native speaker and some of it is not in my realm. Here goes.
Post title: Toys?
-super toys
-and the right up is also pretty good
-cut off the head of anyone who calls them toys. this is nothing less than 'artistic miniatures'
-true, in fact very high quality
-classy. if you're not opposed, I'll post a link
-not against. I don't get worked up over that.
(from here it's going to get more general, since there are phrases I'm not 100% about)
-I noticed they really like to do Germans
-Japanese? (they) simply love it. it's purely esthetic, however-- photogenic even. but if there's a nationality of pure visualists, it's the Japanese.
-yes, but in general, not just the Japanese... as someone who's very much interested in model figures, I can say that in [BBT- don't know what this is] and aviation, percentage of Germans is quite high, not to mention in miniatures and dioramas. as far as ships, [they haven't reached the same level in number of vessels as the Japanese, Americans and English]
-it's notable among the Japanese. but these photos are from some Japanese model convention- notice the labels. as I said, everything they do is esthetic.
-yes, what they do as far as models go, that's so. I'm talking about something different altogether- about the fact that the '3rd Reich' theme is very popular
-that's what I'm talking about- they look cool. They've even managed to shoot the Jews in a stylish way.
-yes, these dioramas have affected me greatly.
-esthetics, [?]
-it's just that you've not seen many kits (many displays??). I, having seen similar ones and also on the theme of the arab wars and the theme of [VMV??] I'm used to it. Dioramas with unhit T-34 or KV- there are very few of them. Interesting that dioramas with Is-2 that have been hit don't exist at all. And Soviet aviation as a class is missing.
-a question in regard to 'person in general interested in model figures'- what do you collect? I'm not just being nosy, I mean for what purpose?

this is too long for the comments- is there a way to get in touch with you? are you interested in the rest?
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