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Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrr! Every September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day! You can get up to speed by visiting the official site for holiday resources. See the pictures at Flickr. Read up on the history of the holiday. See how they celebrate in Australia, Britain, and around the world. Join the pirate discussion at Fark. See some music videos on piracy. Or look at pirate kittens. If you don't know how to talk like a pirate, try this handy translator. Arrrr! Uodate: There's even a commemoration on Mars!

Where I live (in south west england) you here pirate-y accents on the streets quite often--the birthplace of the assumed pirate accent (must be the seafaring historic, insular thing). My electrician sounded like a pirate too and even owned a parrot.
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@Gail Pink - That would be Elton John.

Slurs against lifestyles/sexual preferences aside, 'talking like a pirate' is an invention of hollywood.
Look it up.

You might as well have talk like an Ewok day.

Yub yub!
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@Gail Pink: Have ye seen Stardust?

Talk Like a Pirate Day comes from Dave Barry's book a few years back... wiki it, scallywags.
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In celebration of national Talk Like a Pirate Day, we're featuring our TeeFury Bird Pirate edition as our shirt of the day.
Check it out at
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Yarr! Talk Like a Pirate Day do be coming from these gents: and 'twas made infamous when the salty cur Dave Barrrrrrrrrry gave mention of them in his writings.

(And for those that would dismiss it as a lame fad, I grew up in California, but this was hardly Hollywood's doing. For a long while this was an underground geek thing to do, not exactly "cool", then the Pirates of the Caribbean movies came out, and pirates were suddenly in. Go figure. Mostly though, then, as now, it's just good, somewhat crusty fun if you have some suitably goofy and creative friends. Linguistic inventiveness and a overflow of rrrrrr's is a must.)
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This smells of and their Pirate obsession, trying to make fun of us Christians.

Stupid Darwinists. Go crawl back in your monkey cave
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Avast! I almost bin fergettin it be a day fer speakin' quite unlike ye crazy landlubbers day. Walks the plank to 'em I say if ye be caught speakin' out 'a turn on so sacred a day fer ye folla'ers of da Flyin' Spagetti Monster.
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Avast, Pious, go crawl back into ye bloodbath battlefeilds, ye scurvy christian scum.

(And guybrush- 'I can see a diorama of of all the children in the world, all happy and living in peace. No, wait')

On that belated note, I am off to make ye a Neatorama diorama.

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I need to find that old SNL skit with Peter Sarrrrrrrrrrsgarrrrrrrrrrd. It was stupid, but it fits today so well.


(Techincally, it's no lnger TLaP Day, but I celebrate all 24 hours, and I wake up real late.)
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PanCakeMan, there was some discussion of making it go all weekend, since the 19th fell on a Friday! Of course, that's an excuse to throw a party, but that's what these kinds of holidays are for anyway.
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