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J.J. Abrams' new show Fringe premiered tonight on Fox. Overall, it was pretty good, although I could have done without yet another pro-torture message from a Fox show. There's a website for Massive Dynamic, the mysterious corporation mentioned in the show. The website includes several email addresses, a contact form, and a phone number. If you call the contact number, 1-877-867-7396, you'll be told that all representatives are busy. You can leave a message and are promised that they'll get back to you. Another website possibly linked to the show is Glowing Monkeys, which is a blog focusing on real world, "fringe science." The best fansite I've found so far is, where I found the screencap posted above. Anyone else enjoy the show?

I just moved into my dorm and was glad that I caught the show! I thought it was interesting, I think I'll know better if I will continue to watch it after another episode. I hope it doesn't turn into another Prison Break, which used to be a favorite but has been drug out way to long.

Good luck Fringe.

Time to watch The Cleaner =]
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I saw the pilot a few months ago and thought it was awesome. It had many similarities with X-files, of course, but as a big fan of X-files i loved the little hints to it. It's about time we get a new X-files show so im thrilled. Seems really great, as everything JJ lays his godlike hands on hahaha :P..for real! :)
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I thought it was a good push for a pilot. I still need to see that spark that made the X-Files one of those edge your seat shows. Fringe has a long way to go to really shock us but they have the writers for the job. Looking forward to it.
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I thought it was pretty good and will continue to watch it.
I loved that first scene with the airplane. Pretty darn gross & awesome when the guy throws up on the stewardess.. and then that pilot's jaw gooing off.
I think it has alot of potential to be another big hit if hopefully FOX gives it a chance.
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I saw the first 5 minutes, then had to head out. I taped it so will watch it tonight. But from what I've seen and read about it, it looks to be a pretty good show.
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Looks like I'm the only person here (besides my wife, but she's not here) who thought that it stunk. I watched the first 20-25 minutes of it -- not counting commercials -- and had to turn it off.

I'm not one to shy away from the suspension of belief when it allows me to enjoy a show ("24", "X Files", etc.) but this was beyond ridiculous. Bad, bad stuff. And full of "right wing" messages and attitudes -- pro-torture, pro-surveillance, etc.

I *might* give it another chance in the future, but it's not likely...
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Nope, you're not the only one, PJ.
Horrible writing and acting.
Consider yourself lucky that you missed the ending.
After all that effort to save her partner... he turns out to be the bad guy!
Did M. Night Shyamalan have a hand in this?
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God, I'm so glad some people didn't like this, because I was starting to feel alone. Just because J.J. Abrams' name is attached to something doesn't automatically make it gold.

Too many cliches, horrible acting especially by the guy who played the imprisoned mad scientist (his asking for ginger ale was supposed to be quirky and funny, but it just seemed forced), and the plot wasn't intriguing. I do like the idea of fringe science, and the only part that interested me was when Matthew Abbadon tried recruiting the Olivia character by showing her some strange cases, and that is partly the only reason I'll be tuning in next week.
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What's wrong with pro-torture messages?

Almost every other show there is has pro-abortion messages, pro-divorce messages, pro-adultery messages, pro-teen sex messages, pro-multiple sex partner messages, pro-me me me me messages, pro-church hating messages, pro-atheist messages... The list goes on.

Are you offended by all those other messages too?
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Oh and I thought it was pretty good for a first episode. It really did feel kinda like "JJ Abrahms sings the Chris Carter's greatest hits". I'll give it another episode though, for sure.
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