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Money on the Move

(YouTube link)

This must be an ad for shoes, but the animation is interesting no matter what the product. -via Everlasting Blort

Update: Our readers have pointed out this is an ad for a coin counting service. Thanks!

Actually, it's for Coinstar which I believe is one of those machines they have in the grocery stores that that you can put all your loose change in and they'll give you back some "foldin' money". There's another version of the commercial where the coins form a personal stereo of some sort.
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*Love* the Coinstar machine! It's a great way to sneak frivolous purchases past my g/f. I'm hoping to cash my change in for a copy of The Force Unleashed in a couple of weeks.
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5%! Lucky blighters, the Coinstar machines in the UK charge (well, they /try/ to charge) 8% or even 8½%. Anyway, I don't have pockets full of change any more since we got self-service tills where you can spend a few moments feeding a handful of change into the slot and not feel embarrassed for holding up the queue.
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wow.....that's an old commercial.......they used to have another one too....can't remember what the change "made" in that one though.
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I've never seen the shoe one before. The Coinstar add that plays down in Florida has teh coins building a headphone set, which looks pretty awesome. The scene fromt this add with the pennies building the double line is used in it as well.
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