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Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger

Photo: ccaviness [Flickr]

All that talk about obesity really makes me hungry, and what did I just find on the 'Net? This bright idea by Googlers in NYC to celebrate the head of the cafe staff. Behold the Krispy Kreme bacon cheddar cheeseburger!

Link - via Hopeless Geek

I actually had one quite similar to this at the LA County Fair. It was a fried chicken Krispy Kreme sandwich with cheese and jelly, it was actually quite good. I'm going to the fair this year again, in about two weeks, and YES I'm going to have another one. If they do have a Krispy Kreme bacon cheddar cheeseburger I'm definitely up to trying it!
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Our receptionist made bacon cheeseburgers with vanilla coated and powdered sugar donuts and brought dozens of them to work on her first anniversary - and they were amazing!
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I'm going to make everyone VERY mad at me. If I could actually stomach eating these things. I could eat as many as I wanted and not gain an ounce of weight. Of course my cholesterol & blood sugar levels would be whacked out for a few days. But then everything would be back to normal.
They should provide these for our bike race Tour de Donut. And give extra time off the race times for each of these you eat.
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That is messed up. I think they should use Dunkin donuts , cause it will ruin Krispy Kreme for everyone. You know how when you have a bad experience with a liquor, you don't return to it for a VERY long time? Same deal, don't ruin something so great.

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....I am sitting here desperately trying to stop from vomitting.

How in the world can anyone looik at that and not be revolted by it?

OVer and above what ever health concerns anyone might have regrding this monstrosity, and for me that is a secondary concern,the taste alane would gag a dog.

It is true isn't it, you US americans have palettes like kindergarteners?

Where sugar can only de topped with more sugar.

Even Coca Cola is sweeter in the US than the rest of the world, hurrah for corn syrup.

I feel nauseated both by the idea of a donut burger and the fact that so many people on here are licking their lips at the idea of a KK Donut cheese n bacon burger.
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It's a Luther burger. It's more a joke than anything that people would eat everyday. Some people act like seeing the picture of these things has raised their cholesterol. Relax.

And Polx and runtogether...don't fall off that horse, it's a long way down. You can find lots of things in's a big country. I'm still a bit confused though on this reflects anything about "US" Americans, though.

I'm not going to claim that France loves animal cruelty just because the ortolan is a delicacy. And just because you can get a deep fried Mars Bar in Scotland doesn't mean that the whole country has "palettes like kindergarteners" (sic).

Grow up...being a Puritan doesn't win you any friends. Well, maybe a bunch of uptight snobby friends, but who wants that?
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Because Krispy Kreme has always had the most expensive doughnuts per pound in the USA, they had to push it higher to make sure it stays that way.

They are small but taste so darn good! Ready to try these new ones. :)
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I refer to citizens of the USA as Us Americams and not as americans because the word american covers everyone from the Inuit to Tierra Del Feugo.

But onluy US Americans are arrogant enough to refer to them selves as Americans.

Kind of like the Spanish calling themselves Europeans and contesting anyone else using the word.

As for the high horse....WTF are you on about?

What high horse?

Your cuisine is a childish hodge podge of sugar chocolate and palpatations.

That's a simple fact.

No one here did anything else than drool at that vile concoction.

Sure there are no doubt great US Americand foods...just scrape the sugar frosting off and then rinse off the hersheys syrup and the sprinkles and theres a slice of white bread.
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Wow... I don't even know what to say to that. No doubt it will fall on deaf ears, though. May as well just not bother to type the pages of things I want to say to that, but rest assured, sir -- I disagree.
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Of course, American food is the Great Evil.

...Because German cuisine is mostly vegetarian fare and has little to do with sausages and fried pork, the French have never heard of butter sauce, and the Chinese don't know a thing about MSG or carbohydrate-laden noodle and rice dishes.

Only American food is filled with calories and fat. Everyone else gets a perfect score in Healthy Eating.


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Ok Two Dragons.


This is a Cheese Burger with BACON in a F*ckin' Krispey Kreme Glazed Do-Nut.

Your petulance ant having the cuisine of the US called into question is one thing, but seriously... pick your battles a bit better.

You are seriosly pitting the entire of French Cuisine, against a LUTHER-BURGER?

Hell are you pitting LUTHERS against German cuisine? Coz, I'll take any thing from Bavaria or Alsace or Schlesweig-Holstien over this kind of remedial cr*p.

But you are seriously goingg to get up on your hind legs indefense of this garbage?

But of course, it's so simple invoke the fdreaded CARBS!!!

Oh those Chinese, how crazy are they eating CArbs?

Noodles n Rice... that's the stuff to look out for, leave the LUTHER alone.

Small point, there's no such thing as a homogonous CHINESE cooking. Regional, cultural, financial.

Really, regarding this LUTHER... you don't have a leg to stand on.

I've been to the US... and I've been to france... the "Butter Sauce" whatever the hell that is, results in really hot looking women.

The LUTHER...results in well, Van DROSS basically.
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can I just add that there are plenty of things the US makes to eat that are symphonies on the tongue.

Really you guys can cook up a storm whe you want.

Just there tends to be a lot od...STATIC out there that fouls the signal.

Even then toning down the sugar wouldn't hurt.
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Luther Burgers are a tasty delicacy. Until you try one, you really shouldn't assume it's disgusting.

For all of you arguing about cuisine, remember that arguing on internet is like competing in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded.
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I wasn't defending it, trust me. I find the recent obsession with "Deep Fried _____" and "Seriously Unhealthy Vaguely Edible Crap" absolutely rank. I just get tired that people from another country instantly assume that every American is slobbering with Pavlovian glee over these heaping mounds of cardiac distress--and that we're the only country with an exclusive hold on high-fat-high-carb food. It doesn't help that such disgusting culinary "delights" seem to be--ahem--hogging the spotlight. But that's not the only kind of food we offer here.

I should have added the clarification that the image still makes me sick to my stomach to look at. I'd rather have a nice salad topped with lemon-poached chicken and homemade balsamic dressing, thanks.
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Two Dragons.

I take your point about getting annoyed by people assuming that because you're a yank you eat lard from a bucket.

No really I do take your point, I'm a Glaswegian,someone from Glasgow in Scotland, and we have the shortest life expectancy in the western world, the highest incidence for heart disease and about 30 different types of cancer.

We are a seriously unhealthy lot due to about 300 years of industry and a peculiar fatalism that infests the soul.

None of my grandparents made it out of their 60s, and that was considered a good innings.

No my grievance with the luther is not that it's fatty, hell we;re human beings and are genetically programmed to eat fats wherever and when ever we find them.

It was the idea of taking good quality ground beef and spices making a burger all flame grilled and delicious on the outside a little pink and juicy inside, topping it withgrilled cheese and cripy bacon...and sticking the poor blighter in a DONUT.

A Donut?

That's the bit that leaves me nauseous.

It's the USAmerican sugar addiction that I find repellent. Most folks like an ice cold Coke I know I do... except in the US, Coke for domestic consumption is markedly sweeter thn elsewhere. High Fructose corn syrup is cheaper than sugar , sweeter thn sugar and so you guys from the land of Coke can't get a Coke.

It's the sickening sweetness I find maddening.

I did also say up thread that I have no doubt there are great tings to eat in the US, hell I've eaten a lot of them and been as happy as a dog with 2 d*cks.

I just find sickly sweet a childish and polluting aspect of the US palette.
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