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Too Fat for Jail!

A woman accused of killing her two-year-old nephew may have found a strange way to avoid jail ... by being too fat:

Mayra Lizbeth Rosales, from La Jola, Texas, is bedridden and weighs nearly 1,000lbs. But she cannot get through her front door to be taken to jail and, later, court. [...]

The morbidly obese woman has since been photographed and finger-printed at home but released on a "personal recognizance bond" because of the logistics problem.

The local sheriff at Hidalgo County, Lupe Trevino, says it would be impossible to keep her in jail pending her trial because she needs extensive medical care.

So, currently, the lady remains at large. - via Arbroath

and who leaves their child with someone who would be so inadequate in care? No one that obese could stop a 2 year old from hurting themselves or respond to a crisis. I think an inquiry into the parents is also necessary.
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If you weigh 500kg (give or take, compensating for the 17th century US measures) if you drop your hand on a 2 year old that must be like dropping a motor bike on the wee guy.

Also as has been said, who on earth leaves a kid with a morbid shut in?

Why not leave the kid with the neighbourhood paedophile? at least he'll be able to pay attention to the kid.
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What kind of punishment could you possibly give to someone like this?

Maybe cut her food supply way back, thats the only thing she obviously lives for.

Shes already chosen the death penalty. She'll be dead in a few years or so.
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Miller, We could get the Japanese Whalers to come and chop her up if GreenPeace will look the other way.

Look, I'm a large man, 252lbs, but this woman is four of me. Murder is murder, take her to jail in chunks if you have to.
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Being unable to jail her in the traditional jail is no excuse for her to get out of it. She should have to be incarcerated in a place that can hold her, like a big cage inside the jail's bus garage or something. I'm sure she can get through a garage type loading bay door. She should be put on a strictly enforced, doctor designed and monitored diet and exercise plan until she's small enough to be jailed like other inmates. With no freedom to make unhealthy food choices and a rigorous excercise program and nothing else to do but get fit, she'll slim down. Logistics shouldn't stand in the way of justice.
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If anyone had taken time to RTFA you would see she is 'accused' not 'convicted'.

Regardless, humans have rights, even prisoners.

Lastly, since she is not in Louisiana, she is still innocent until proven guilty.

I'm kinda sad to see us go the way of Fark. I thought the commenters here still had half a brain.

Did she probably do it? Sure. Is she big? Yes. But blasting her this way does not help anyone. In fact, it makes me wonder what you'd say if you saw me walking down the street. But hey, pump up your low self-esteem a bit by putting down this person.
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He died while in her care in March and the 27-year-old is accused of killing her nephew with two blows to the head.

She explained away the injuries by saying she had slipped, landing with her right hand on Eliseo's head while trying to pick him off the floor, and that he fell off a chair.

But a post-mortem found that Eliseo's injuries were "consistent with blunt force trauma" and that Mayra Rosales' explanations were inconsistent with the injuries.
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Nearly 1,000 pounds? People who weigh half that usually are almost unable to roll over without help, let alone stand and walk. How did she manage to fall down? For that matter, how is she able to breathe?
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