How NOT to Get Screwed When Buying a New Car

Buying a new car? Boing Boing has a clip from Ignite Seattle, where Rob Gruhl (who probably happens to be the only guy in the world that loves buying new cars - besides my good friend Joe - some people are weird that way) offers advice on how not to get ripped off: Link

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I always hear people say don't lease, but what about the case where your car gets in an accident and suffers some frame damage?

I took a $3k loss on the value of my car after just such an accident after repairs.

It seems that in a lease, you are only responsible for the cost of repairing the vehicle, but not for the depreciation on value after an accident.

I'm sure I am missing something in this point of view but hopefully someone here can clear it up for me.
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How not to get ripped off?

Don't buy a new car, let soem other clod take that big devalaution as soon as th tyres hit the street.

Never will understand the need to buy a car new.

As the saying goes "Momma didn't raise no fools"
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He's spot on with the "if something weird happens, they're trying to screw you. Get up and walk out."

Once, a sales guy had me sign my name to a sentence he scribbled out on the back of a random sheet of typed-on paper that read, "I agree to buy a car today with no down payment and a loan payable at $200 a month." That was weird.
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Very good advice. I had a blast buying my last new car. I almost literally had the sales monkeys dancing for me before I signed on the dotted line.

The one point he's full of shit on, though, is where to get the loan. When the economy is good, sure, shop the loan. Right now, though, there is no bank in the world that is even going to come close to the loan through the dealership on a new car (used cars are different - always shop that loan). Unless you have absolutely terrible credit, you won't pay more than a few percent interest through the dealership. And you'll never see less than maybe 7% from a bank.

Of course, it never costs anything to shop car loans, so by all means, ask your bank.
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