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Hairless Mice

Flickr user 2roxfox breeds hairless mice. Mice that carry the trait are born with hair, but begin to lose it at about two weeks of age. Within a week, they are completely bald! See a photo set of her latest litter of ten, seven of which carried the hairless trait. Link -via b3ta

Is she studying baldness genes in humans, or does she just think those things are cute? Not that I would disagree... I've always thought sphinx cats are pretty. A sphinx cat playing with a bald mouse would be awesome.
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A hairless Chinese crested dog playign with a sphynx cat playing with a hairless mouse would be awesome. Double awesome if we can get Andre Agassi to play with the dog.
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There are hairless guinea pigs too. I think they were originally bred because you can use them for dermatology research without having to hire a full time rodent shaver.
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I had a hairless hamster I rescued from the pet store in my neighborhood. All the "normal" hamsters were picking on it and they had to separate her. My dad thought she was a rock at first (because of how she was curled up).
Smartest and sweetest little hamster I have ever met though. :)
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Hairless hamster? It sounds like the other hamsters wouldn't let her play any hamster games.

I used to work for a small biotech company in Berkeley, where they had a room full of caged nude mice. This breed of mice is used in biological research, particularly cancer research. They are conveniently hairless, but also are "athymic": that is, they lack a thymus, which is an immune system organ. This prevents them from rejecting foreign tissue grafts, I think.

There was one of the scientists who was bald, wrinkled, and a bit portly. He looked a lot like the nude mice.
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