Twins Playing in a Sprinkler

(YouTube link)

Twin moose, that is, with their mama keeping a close eye! -Thanks, Heather!

I think that's so cute! Proof-positive that the only real cure for the "I've been reading bad news all day" blues is watching a video of happy animals playing around. Works every time!
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Ummm.. I love water and moose.. But not in a 4 minute video of them repeating the first 10 seconds of the video with horribly cliche sappy music.

*Head explodes*
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I thought the song was a perfect choice for the childish, carefree way the three enjoyed the discovery. Made me remember when I first braved the dreaded run thru the scary sprinkler like that one.

Anthropomorphism is always best enjoyed with music like this.
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Who chose that sappy music "you say it best when you say nothing at all" reall? well lets apply that rule to singing shall we. My god was there any need for the extra cheesyness! Love the moose tho. :P
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What is it that makes a person think that a contrived soundtrack is better than the actual sounds occurring while the video is being made? Wonderful video, if muted.
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