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Dilbert Minus Dilbert

Following the popularity of Garfield Minus Garfield, it's only natural that the same thing is applied to other comics. Box Brown, the creator of the adorable Bellen (previously on Neatorama here), did this one: Dilbert Minus Dilbert. - Thanks Brian!

Box Brown seems to be missing the point of Garfield Minus Garfield: removing Garfield (or just his thought bubbles, if you count the idea from CastleZZT) makes John's talking to himself and zany antics look truly insane and downright depressing at times. He completely overlooks this, and thinks that:

1. Take comic strip
2. Remove main character
3. Profit!

His results with Dilbert are mediocre at best, at would only really parallel G-G if he removed everyone *but* Dilbert, or some other selected character.

Honestly, I think he sounds a bit jealous that this guy had a funny idea, and is making some cash from it.
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Ed's right in that with GMG it works because you're left with one man's psychosis, perhaps as a result of living by himself. It sounds plausible.

In DMD you're left with a whole bunch of people in an office talking to themselves, and there's just on way suspension of belief is going to go that far.

Also without one strong character, it's just to meandering.
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So dude copies someone else's stupid idea - because, let's face it, all those Garfield concoctions are mindless abortions - where am I going with this? Oh yeah, dumb ideas all around.
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Sorry, but this just doesn't work. Garfield Minus Garfield is genuinely funny because the original comic centers around a cat and his owner (who is the only one that can hear the cat's voice anyway). Remove the "imaginary" component and Jon becomes far more warped that any of us had originally thought when we first read the strip.

This is just another attempt to cash-in the success of that model, but Dilbert's setup doesn't allow for it to work as well. Even the Garfield that was translated to Chinese and back to English was only funny in one or two instances. Oh well, I suspect we'll see more attempts to steal GMG's spotlight before someone else tries -god forbid- thinking of something new.
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