Trippy Fountain, Man

NOTCOT at GLOW: Usman Haque's Primal Source from Jean Aw on Vimeo.

Ok, first things first before you press play. Please, PLEASE put the sound on to Mute. Why? Well, lets just say the folks who were attending this exhibition were loud. Very loud. As in drunken Frat and Sorority loud. I've warned you already so you can't blame me if your boss walks over to your cubicle and gets all huffy. Heck, I'm taking a chance just by writing this from my cubicle as we speak...shhhhh! It'll be our little secret. Neatoramanauts, gotta stick together, right? ;)

This gigantic fountain is called "Primal Source" by Usman Haque. Like a ginormous hallucination that everyone can see this cool piece of technology was showcased at the Glow 08 (an art show) in Santa Monica, CA. I wonder if this is what those Lemurs see when they get high? [via - Gizmodo]

Uhh... what's Florida got to do w/ this?

Anyway, I went to that art show, and saw this piece. I've seen tons of art pieces and installations, and this was one of the coolest and most creative I've ever seen. It was really huge, and the types of patterns kept changing. You could see it from a long way off. There were 6 or 8 microphones set up, which, every once in a while make visible sound waves on the display, which is why the people are yelling so much. The video can't really do it justice. It was mesmerizing (and I was sober!).
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