Ziggy the Dancing Street Cleaner

Neatorama reader Marcus JB sent us this clip of Ziggy, the dancing street cleaner in his neighborhood of Chiswick, UK. Mirror.co.uk has the story:

Zbigniew Colbecki, or Ziggy as he’s known to friends, has attracted thousands of viewers on YouTube as he twists and turns while twirling his litter stick as he collects rubbish in Chiswick, west London. [...]

The 47-year-old, who moved to London from Poland three years ago, said his dance routine made the job more fun.

The former circus juggler, who dances to more than 1,500 songs on his iPod during his shift, said: "I am used to performing and I get a great reaction from people in Chiswick.

Links: Mirror article | YouTube Link - Thanks Marcus!

Good for him! He doesn't let his job define him! Just goes to show you can have fun no matter what you're doing or what your circumstances are if you try hard enough!
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I am seriously conflicted.

Why should a human have the job cleaning a street instead of a street sweeper like in the USA?


At the rate this guy is going he's never going to get any work done and they will have to hire 3 guys like him to do one robot's work. You know... I don't think he's actually doing his job.

But it's a nice video. I'm sure he's a great guy. He may even be happier and better for society than a drone operating the street sweeper, but the question n my mind is what are their tax dollars paying him to do? It's not clear to me.
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Yeah, we have mechanical street cleaners in the UK too, but they're not really appropriate for tight London streets. You'd soon get it stuck between a lamp post and a shop stall, for example.
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What a bunch of wet blankets.
At least he's doing something interesting for the money, and not just acting surly and imperious like most government workers.

Geez, he's a 47-yr-old who cleans streets for a living. He looked about 17. I doubt he'll be going back to school for his law degree any time.
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1,500 songs. Really. Does no one do math anymore?

Does this guy:
A) Work 12.5 hrs/shift and listen to 30 second songs
B) Work 75 hrs/shift and listen to normal 3 min songs
C) It is a trick question. No one does math anymore
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