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Giant Ring

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Man, this looks like fun! Wonder where I can get a giant ring? -Thanks, Ring!

If you like this, you might want to check out something similar: the German Rhönrad. See for some examples...
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Wow that's awesome. I really want somebody to 'shop out the ring so it just looks like he's flying around crazily.
That must take a ton of side muscles. The tricks he does towards the end...O_O
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@ Miss Cellania

Jeez, dang kids and their new fangled slangs! In my day it used to be "Tubular" and "Gnarly" and don't forget "Whoa!". *swings cane maniacally above his head* ;)

All I have to say is that was an awesome performance. I think perhaps he is one of those poor cosmonauts who didn't get to go to space after the Soviet Union fell. Now he has to do street performances to survive. Because dude must have an iron stomach not to hurl with those crazy moves and speeds.
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THANK GOD for Neatorama

When life is a grind and a chore, or just dull and disheartening, there is always something wonderful on Neatorama to take your breath away, to make you smile and to remind you that there are fabulous, incredible things in the world and to replenish your jaded soul

Thanks Neatorama
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It's called a Cyr wheel. It's a pretty standard circus prop nowadays. Invented by Daniel Cyr, extrapolated from work with the German Wheel, one would assume.

Really popularized by Cirque Eloize, taken up by Cirque du Soleil in Corteo . For a long time there were only a handful of tricks any Cyr wheel performers would do, but it was only a matter of time until they experimented enough... and they've found some amazing new stuff lately. Especially Jonas Wolverton and Krin Haglund.
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Yup, saw the same type of act in a performance given by Cirque du Soliel, the Corteo show specifically. It was amazing to watch. Go watch if you get a chance!
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