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Volkswagen's One-Liter Car

Volkswagen's new microcar will seat two people and get a stunning 235 miles per gallon!
Volkswagen's had its super-thrifty One-Liter Car concept vehicle -- so named because that's how much fuel it needs to go 100 kilometers -- stashed away for six years. The body's made of carbon fiber to minimize weight (the entire car weighs just 660 pounds) and company execs didn't expect the material to become cheap enough to produce the car until 2012.

But VW's decided to build the car two years ahead of schedule.

A limited number of cars will be produced in 2010. The car will use a two-cylinder diesel hybrid engine, and will automatically shut off at stoplights -and (we hope) automatically restart when you hit the gas pedal. -via the Presurfer


No! The vehicle is not a Deathwish. It has Crumple zones, and airbag sensors equipped. Except, it's a carbon fiber body. so....if you crash you'll be buying another $50 car.

Cut the bullshit, and innovation allows us to go boldly where Americans refuse to go; because they like their beer bellies, and Expeditions on Dubs. Plus, they still think Drilling is the only answer to our energy whoas!

At least HI is making it mandatory for solar water heaters.

Europe is going to leave us in the dust.
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The former Volkswagen CEO Piech drove cross country Wolfsburg to Hamburg in that car in 2002

Volkswagen already released a car couple of years ago for mass production with an automatic engine shutoff and restart when stopping for more then 3secs.
It's the Lupo 3L with 78 miles per gallon or 2.9 liters per 100 km
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All those crumple zones and airbags wont help when the car is thrown 100 feet after being slammed into by a speeding hummer. Remember F=ma. And I also wouldn't want to be in one that a hummer merely ran over and is now on top of me.
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theoretical 235 mpg. ok.
they'll produce it with twice the hp, and real crashtest, on real roads, etc. Let's assume you do half of that for real, so it's 118mpg. not bad.
but it's for 2 people only. So for 5 that would be 47.2 mpg.
That's what I used to do with my VW TDi115 (driving it quite slowly I admit).
I don't see that unpractical vehicule as the car of tomorrow.
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The door is one piece across the whole width of the car. No rolling down the windows, I take it. Might make smoking in this car very difficult. That, and the magnesium steering wheel, just for extra flammability.
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oh god, no lights, there just not on. No wipers, it's a prototype!
No place to put my ciggy smoke!

Makes me proud to be American. And you wonder why the rest of the world has such a low idea of us?
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@Tim: Because we take every opportunity to call each other idiots?

Perhaps we're pointing out totally legitimate faults. Many drivers like to have windows -- its just something I've noticed over the years. Perhaps you could even call our criticism "constructive." As an American, I'd love to buy the car when it comes out, but there are certain features Americans expect in their car, such as access to fresh air.

Maybe the world hates nitpickers. Or maybe the world hates self-righteous assholes who shoot off their mouths every time they get the chance. Couldn't really say.
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Then look in the mirror and ask yourself about that. You seem to be following me from post to post like a common stalker. Who has no life now Tom? Getting off on trying to argue?

It is a PROTOTYPE, do you understand the meaning of the word?
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At least it looks better than a SmartCar, which is ugly enough to scare a dog off a meat truck. Still, I wouldn't want to be driving that along the M25. I don't care what safety features it has, if the above mentioned meat truck hits me at good speed, it's over. I'll keep my Audi, thank you.

Besides being unable to smoke in it, I wouldn't be able to get my smaller dog in there, much less The Beast.
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I love the idea that a Hummer would crush it, like a hummer was some sort of mecha godzilla.

It's made of carbon fibre and is light so it is obviously weak.

A magnesium steerign wheel is a fire hazard.

The lack of understanding of material sciences displaayed here beggars credence.

Magnesium castings are not flammable.

Carbon fibre cars don't even deform, they don't need to.

Also, the feeble nit picking about the lights don't wiork , where's the window, the wipers are bust.....good gravy fellas, it's the prototype.

Most P-type cars don't even have lights or any of the other things until they go into full production.

And as for a lack of a window....100kms to a LITRE of fuel....gets some perspective.

I think it is safe to say that this is pretty much the future of cars.
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oh and as for cost.... has no one ever heard of the law of supply and demand? or the idea of economies of scale?

When you make manuy of a thing the unit price is lower as the start up costs are divided.

There is the demand here in Europe, at leat, for these cars, and VW are keen to fulfill that with a supply.
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I hope that I never have to risk my life by being forced by the Government and guilt-ridden Americans to drive toy cars such as this. ("we use up proportionately more of the world's resources", "we shouldn't be drilling, we should be conserving", "We American's are evil, because we drive large cars", etc).

I certainly have no problem with anyone that wants to risk their life driving one of these; that's their decision and their right to do so. But PLEASE allow other's the same consideration of choice if they so choose to drive a larger car.

As for being hit by a Hummer, forget that. What if you were driving one of these and were hit by an 18-wheeler or hit a deer or bear? Me thinks the car would lose....
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Yeah, I don't think anybody is telling you not to drive a Hummer; that's really up to you. Although, when getting around town you don't need one person driving a 8 cylinder with a truck that weighs 8600lbs. It's excess and absolute selfishness in it's purest state. yeah, f1 cars can survive 200+ crashes into stationary wall, and they're made of carbon fiber. Nobody is saying you have to drive the car. It's a choice like you said. Plus, it's just a prototype of what can be done when there is a collective will to change. Rather, a collective demand for changing absurdity with common sense. You fail!
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Hell yes, I'd drive one of those. With the tandem seating it reminds me of the old 3 wheel Messerschmits(sp?). I ride a motorcycle so I already defy death.
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Listen to yourself. First, you say that people should have a choice. Then you say "you don’t need one person driving a 8 cylinder with a truck that weighs 8600lbs". Which is it; choice in what we buy and do, or being dictated to by someone who "knows what's better"?

We get enough of the "knows what's better" in our life in the form of government regulation and the media's doom and gloom stories. We don't need any more.

Besides, high gas prices will regulate what people drive. If there is a market for this car (which there obviously is), then it will sell. If there is a market for large vehicles, then they will survive. BTW, look at all of the 8 cylinder vehicles with "For Sale" signs on them that people are trying to unload.
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I love those old Messerschmitts. Seriously, though, where's my electric car? Remember how the last generation was all angry because they were promised flying cars by the distant year of 1975 and they never got them? Well, my generation was promised electric cars. I remember the "Beyond 2000" shows on the Discovery Channel, "by the year 2005 every man in the country will have a 200-horsepower G.E. roadster." I gotta build one myself if I want one.
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Yeah, if you could comprehend a simple sentence you might realize that it was included in there to expose the absurdity of owning a car like that. Nobody is arguing the freedom of choice. Or discussing a free market economy, and the affects of supply and demand.

So i guess we don't have a choice then. Gas prices have already determined our fate.

Hey, what i think the rest of the world is saying is we have a social repsonsibility. Instead of trumpeting choice, which is just the perpetuation of selfishness. Maybe we should think about ourselves and our future.
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Johnny: "Yeah, if you could comprehend a simple sentence". What makes you say that? Reread my post; I pointed out that you first said people should have a choice, and then said that one person shouldn't be driving around in a large vehicle by themselves. THAT is not choice; that is dictating what should or shouldn't be done.

"Social responsibility"? I think it's more about guilt than anything.

As for "Gas prices have already determined our fate", I don't think of it as "fate", as I fully expect the earth will last for eons beyond our lifetimes. People have already made adjustments to higher gas prices, and it isn't the first time that has happened (similar situation in the late 1970's).

It's my opinion that alternative energy will eventually take the place of oil, just as gas powered vehicles replaced horse-drawn vehicles. I'm patient and confident enough to wait for that to happen, and am free of guilt about being an American, which is apparently more than can be said about you.
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Selective reading! Again, where do I fail to mention that everybody has a choice. What I did was make a commentary questioning whether the choice was sound. Please read the entire passage. It was pretty logical.

You think it's manipulation of empirical evidence to force people to change via guilt via big government.

I think it's empirical evidnece that cannot be taken any other way. Evidence! Observed and repeatable evidence! It's a black and white.

American? right, what you lack is perspective. America is lacking in everything because of lazy people like you who keep riding the coattails of our greatest genereation. Superfical flag bearers who are more upset that a nominee doesn't were a flag pin. Rather, than be upset at the situation we're in you right wanger. Innovation is what got us here. We were leaders! We were the measuring stick. I can't say that anymore.

I love how you question my patriotism. It adds a nice touch to your baseless banter and your superficial patriotism!
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Johnny: you are putting words in my mouth; a bit paranoid, are you?

I mentioned NOTHING about patriotism.

And I'm lazy? How is that? I work 56 hours/week (at least). I wouldn't exactly say that is LAZY, would you?

Riding on the coattails of others? How is that? (I can go into details that would specifically contradict that, but I won't do that here).

And a specific candidate that won't wear a flag pin; when did I ever mention POLITICS? And you have the nerve to call me a "right wanger"?

Sounds to me that you have a lot of pent-up political frustration.

Good bye.
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me paranoid? you're the one worried about big government.

Patriotism? you questioned mine. selective writing i guess this time on your part.

Lazy? sure, let's not work on innovation because i'm happy being an 'American'

Coattails? yeah! America is great because of the ground work that was layed by our forefathers. People like you always like to recite that, but want to do nothing to achieve better. Always content with being 'American'

Right wanger? sure, i can assume with all your pent up paranoia of big government.

I'm done!
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i would buy one! and about heavy being better, the back of that heavy car wil be force that is triyng to kill you. (motorcyles are waaaaaaaaaay unsaver, and they still get used.)
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It just goes to show economical & fuel effecient cars have been and are available. Can you hear me Detroit? We should not need to reach out overseas. As to the size: Defensive driveing, know your surroundings and know what you and your car can and can not do. It is alot safer than the electric and gas scooters that so many people are going over to. I have a Saturn SL2 but I would like to check these out when they are ready. Fun and Great gas mileage. (second car ?)
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Wow all these scaredie-cats afraid they would be run over by a bigger car or hummer or truck when in this vehicle!!! I guess none of these people would dare ever get on a motorcycle OMG what a death trap!!! LMFAO get real people, you stand a much better chance of dropping dead from heart disease, diabetes, or lung cancer thanks to the American diet and your cigarettes you seem to need "fresh air" to smoke! Now that gets me too, you inhale tobacco smoke laden with carcinogen additives but want fresh air LOL.
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