Nike's New "Air McFly" Sneakers

Last year, Neatorama teamed up with the Michael and Charles Maloof of The Official McFly 2015 Project to, um, ... nudge Nike to make the sneakers worn by Michael J. Fox in the 1989 film Back to the Future.

It seemed that the grassroots campaign worked ... maybe ... Nike is not using the words "McFly" or "Back to the Future" for these shoes, but the similarities are uncanny:

Well, almost 20 years after the movie hit the screen, Nike will be releasing their new Hyperdunk in a teal version to make it look like the “Air McFlys.”

Purists, however, aren't convinced:

... the guys that run the McFly 2015 Project, a grassroots movement that has been trying to drum up support for Nike to make this shoe aren’t satisfied.

“The Nike Hyperdunks might be inspired by the McFly 2015’s, but the Nike Hyperdunks are not the McFly 2015’s” said Michael Maloof, who with his brother Charles launched a Web site last year in order to push for the futuristic sneakers. “We strongly encourage each and everyone who wants the ‘real’ McFly 2015’s to sign up on the official McFly 2015 project Web site.”

Link - Thanks Mickey!

Previously on Neatorama: The McFly 2015 Patents

Update 7/3/08: While we're in the subject of these shoes, here are a couple more links:

- Fan-made McFly 2015 prop shoes replica on eBay
- Unboxing of the Nike new "Air McFly" above at Gizmodo
- and how Kobe Bryant arrived in style (in a Dolorean!) to buy them shoes

Thanks Mickey!

So have you reinstated comments on all the previous McFly posts, or are you still afraid of being called out for shilling for Nike? There's no way this was a grass roots movement and everyone knows it.
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I think there are better things to petition Nike for... mainly fair wages for factory workers and more reasonable prices for their shoes. And yes, you can have it both ways.
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Say what they want, even though they didn't "copy" the shoes from BTTF, they are unmistakeably based on those shoes. See for yourself:
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There is a lot of more info about the nike mcfly on this back to the future and delorean blog.
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