Samurai Granny Wipes Floor With Italian Soldiers' Butts

Seventy-seven-years-old grandma Keiko Wakabayshi isn't nicknamed the "Samurai Granny" for no good reason - she's recently been hired to train Italian soldiers in hand-to-hand combat!

Miss Wakabayshi, who stands exactly 5ft tall, looks tiny compared to her charges who are mostly over 6ft.

But the pensioner is a trained master in an array of martial arts disciplines including jujitsu, jojitso, kenjitso, judo, kendo and karate.

She wipes the floor with soldiers of the Folgore brigade at their barracks in Livorno on a daily basis.

Link (Photo: Barcroft Media) - Thanks Geekazoid!

Wow that's really cool. I guess this is what Granny power is.

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Wow, nice advertisement. I'm sure everyone who was interested in ass-kicking grannies will click your f-cking link to buy your retarded jewelry. Thanks for the attempt at relevance, too -- a mindless agreement followed by you trying to hock your goods. Just what we all wanted.

Die in a fire.
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Couldn't those soldiers 'pound for pound' just 'rush' her and regardless of her 'sweet moves' overwhelm her?

Perhaps the saps they hire ain't real sapphires at fighting?
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Larfin, the mentality of "just rushing her" is probably why she can beat them (that and they probably aren't allowed to use striking techniques on her).
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