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School Officials Reported Mom to Child Services Because A Psychic Told Them To!

Almost three weeks ago, Colleen Leduc got a call from her 11-year-old autistic daughter's school. The school reported her to Children's Aid Society that the girl might have been sexually abused ... based on the words of a psychic!

Leduc's weird tale began on May 30, when she dropped young Victoria off for class at Terry Fox Elementary and headed in to work, only to receive a frantic phone call from the school telling her it was urgent she come back right away.

The frightened mother rushed back to the campus and was stunned by what she heard - the principal, vice-principal and her daughter's teacher were all waiting for her in the office, telling her they'd received allegations that Victoria had been the victim of sexual abuse - and that the CAS had been notified.

How did they come by such startling knowledge? Leduc was incredulous as they poured out their story.

"The teacher looked and me and said: 'We have to tell you something. The educational assistant who works with Victoria went to see a psychic last night, and the psychic asked the educational assistant at that particular time if she works with a little girl by the name of "V." And she said 'yes, I do.' And she said, 'well, you need to know that that child is being sexually abused by a man between the ages of 23 and 26.'" (with video) - Thanks Some Canadian Skeptic!

Anthony, you obviously didn't get the story.

A psychic said these things. Baseless lies that a person who knows nothing about the child said.

You're about as retarded as the school officials Anthony
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One would hope they would make these determinations based on something more credible than the channeled rantings of Zontar the Indestructible. If these accusations have nothing else to go on the school administrators should lose their jobs.
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I'm surprised Children's Services moved that quickly. In most cases, they will not make a move at all until there is actual concrete evidence of abuse. Needless to say, the teaching assistant's words and the psychic's words would never stand up in court anyway.
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They are in Canada. Children's Aid moves incredibly fast in sexual abuse cases, there has been a flood of them in the courts of victims coming out with past abuses. If they thought the girl was living with the abuser, they would be there pretty fast. They are right, the case was ridiculous. I hope that this story is followed up.
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Children's Aid Society is a normally hyper-reactive group. My family has had some run-ins with them before, all on the basis of some ill-informed teacher. In this case, however, CAS acted appropriatley, and they dismissed this as a baseless charge.

However, the School Board took it VERY seriously, which is horrible because it's a public entity. In effect, it says the government takes advice from psychics and will not hesitate to act on it.

I encourage everyone who is as angry as I am to visit my blog, where you can find all the relevant contact information, and write to the School Board and let them know that they can't get away with this, and they can't just sweep this under the rug.

Some Canadian Skeptic
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I'm a psychic myself, and I'm getting very strong visions of little Victoria's principal, vice-principal, teacher, and educational assistant. I see them molesting children, sacrificing stolen pets to Satan, and sleeping naked together on a big bed made of dicks.

Someone notify the authorities, oh the humanity, won't someone think of the children?
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@ rainbow: Why not?

And for all you people whose minds slammed shut when you saw the word "psychic", read the damn article! It's not about a psychic getting something right; it's about a school doing something pretty questionable and putting a family through a lot of extra stress.
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Its not just about the school doing something hyper-reactive. Its about the school doing something hyper-reactive because a psychic told them to. I think that adds something relevant to the story.
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This is ridiculous! The psychic isn't to blame or anything, but come on... "Do you have a student who goes by 'V'?" And they accept that as evidence?

This school's going to be paying up for sure.
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Imagine how bad it would have been had there been a male aged 23-26 living in their household? Hysteria over child abuse (however baseless the claims) is almost guaranteed to ruin any man's life.
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The Canadian media has been following this story, and reports that Children's Aid was quick to reject the case as ridiculous. However, they have to examine any report, and that is what they did.
I think the school owes the family one hell of an apology, if not a hefty cash settlement.
At the time of this writing they have issued no apology at all however.
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Basically this accusation came after the mother had run-ins with the school about their ability to educate her child and keep her safe at school.

Every year, thousands of US parents with disabled children are either threatened into submission or reported to Child Protective Services after run-ins with their child's school. I should know: it happened to us.

My son's school wanted him out -- they didn't want children who were deaf and cognitively challenged to be included in the deaf program. On the advice of deaf education experts from Gallaudet, we fought to keep him in the program. The school responded by reporting us to CPS, citing neglect. CPS quickly discovered the allegation as "unfounded."

I will never trust anyone in the public school system again.
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