Would You Break Your Own Legs to Become Taller?

How far would you go to become taller? Would you wear heel lifts ... or would you break your leg in a excruciatingly painful leg-lengthening surgery to gain inches?

In Germany, Jeff’s femurs (thighbones) were severed by a surgical saw. The surgeon inserted a rodlike telescoping implant in the bone canal of each leg, bridging the cut. He fastened each rod in place with four pins. The next morning Jeff stood up on his new legs and took a few steps on crutches.

He spent seven days in the hospital and the next 10 weeks, the lengthening phase, at a nearby residence. After the surgery, a sticky blood mass called a callus—the beginning of new bone—formed on each of his broken femurs. Jeff’s job was to click a remote control that signaled the rod to telescope out one millimeter a day, stretching the bone callus with it. He describes the feeling in pubescent terms, as “an intense growth spurt.” Then, during his last six to eight weeks in Germany, he waited for the bone to knit together and harden in its new, longer form.

Here's a fascinating article by Elisa Ludwig at Details magazine: http://men.style.com/details/features/landing?id=content_6838 (Photo: Dr. Yasser Elbatrawy/lengthening.net) - Thanks meredith!

oh i hate this, it makes me wince:/ my friend really wanted to get this, and thing is me too, if only it wasn't SO painful, once i heard the whole thing, its just downright stupid, i think ill live being five two haha
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this type of procedure has been done on people who have certain forms of dwarfism, to make their arms and legs average length. not sure i would go through with it, though.
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I could never go through with it. I saw a special on the people with dwarfism that had it done. Excruciating pain and not much growth. It doesn't seem worth it to me, and I *hate* being small. I'm only 5' and I have a hard time with jokes, buying clothes, driving, etc. But I wouldn't take the risk that these guys did.
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That article is so ridiculous. Being tall is not that big a deal. I can't believe people are that insecure with themselves (how can you be insecure at being 5 foot 6 in?), when there are people who have far bigger "problems" (like paralysis or deafness or blindness) who are completely able to cope and live happy lives? I think therapy would have been easier ... or just a swift kick in the pants.
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That's nothing.

I did that to my penis with a kitchen knife and some extending drinking straws. Now it is 5'6" long.

I can now sell you my secrets, give me your email add if you want to know how.
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I'm pretty happy being 5'11". Can't say I'd be interested in a painful, yearlong process to gain an inch or two. I'd rather hit the gym solid for that year and gain muscle, cardiovascular endurance, and self esteem. Call me crazy.
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I love being small. I'm 5'1" and the guy I'm seeing is 6'4"... height is just a non-issue for me. That's why I think this guy is insane to endure that kind of torture to reach all of 5'8"
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My name is Jeannine I'm 18 years old and I've had my right leg lengthened twice, about a total of 16 inches. It was not optional. However, my device was external, and it's good to see that leg lengthening procedures have become more advance. I have over 300 scars to remember my surgeries by and this person will have a lot less. I still think it's crazy to choose to do something like this.

If you want to read more about my story visit http://www.af.mil/news/airman/1003/jeannine.html

and if you would like to see a picture of the device (please use your own descretion, not for weak stomachs)

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This is a ridiculously painful procedure that causes suffering during the stretching period and I believe if a healthy person wants it they can have it. One of my classmates had this opperation done to better his life. He suffered from dwarfism and had problems with mobility which is frusterating for an extremely active person. Because it's such a painful and lenghthy procedure it's mostly done for medical reasons like my classmate.
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If they had this procedure cheap enough when I was a kid going through my growth spurt, I would've done it in a heart beat.

I wish I was at least another 3 inches taller.
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I've heard a story some few years ago on tv. A girl had the procedure done because her lifelong goal was to be a flight attendant but she was a few inches below the hight requirement...
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I have a leg 1 inch shorter than the other, which causes a lot of problems in my knees and hips (and my back) I still don't know that I would do this.
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this is the Iliarov procedure, and it's been around for years and years. it's used also unilaterally in people with one leg shorter than the other, from whatever reason.

it's as painful as it sounds, and the person is more prone to bone fractures later on in life (even after the bone has healed, years later) because the new bone i'sn't as strong as before it was broken.

oh, and those XRs are of the tibia, not the femur like the article mentioned.
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Are you sure deborah?

>more prone to bone fractures later on in life (even after the bone has healed, years later) because the new bone i’sn’t as strong as before it was broken.

I thought healed bone was stronger. I have broken a heap of bones and was under the impression that, if they heal proper like, then they are stronger. Bummer.

Might have to be a Googleist on that one.
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I'm 6'2", my wife's 4'9" (hey, she didn't even notice I'm bald for the first two years) but we're the same height lying down.

She really married me to reach things down from shelves and dust up high.

Seriously, 5'6" ain't short, I've known men shorter than that and some taller than me - but they're all human.
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How much of his problem was in his head to begin with? He broke up with his girlfriend who he thought had a problem with his height. But what if she didn't? And does he really want to date the sort of small-minded women who made fun of him before but would accept him now?
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I read all what is written here and as a cosmetic limb lengthening specialist, i can confirm that most of people here had a wrong idea about the methos, co0mplications, risks or pain encountered with it. The method and devcies became more and more advanced and developed. The complications is almost nill if the operation is done with a professional limb lengthening surgeon. Conventional method as Ring Ilizarov fixator can work perfectly in case it is applied in a modern way that meet the western standard in medicine, not as originally invented a long time ago in Russia. Personally, i have many patients from all over the world including USA, some of them are movie stars, bussiness men, doctors and pharmacist and they are very happy with the results of their operation and siad that they would like to do it again if the time come back ! Any one wish to know more about the operation can go to my web site: www.lengthening.net or e.mail me: yasser@elbatrawy.com
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I don't see why women would do it. Height doesn't
seem to be that important to men. (In fact, tall women
are the ones who may have a problem finding a mate.)

The story is different for men. I saw a report on
20/20 where they showed women a lineup of men and
gave them fictitious jobs (of course the women saw
the actual men). The women universally chose the
tall guys. They refused to pick the shortest guy,
*even if it were explained that he was a doctor*!
In fact, in order to get the women to choose the
shortest guy, they had to make him chief surgeon
of a hospital. Think about that.

Short guys got the shaft in life. If I had the
money, I'd do it.
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The last guy was bloody right, I'm 5.6 and women will always choose a taller guy initially (i.e. in a pub situation) subconciously a taller mate represents pysical security for a female. Shorter guys like myself get screwed as a result. I love short women (my height or less) I've spend time getting a good body, but height stands out for women. How do you get past an initial subconcious impulse?
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