Next to Invade Australia: Supercats!

Having had bad lucks with cane toads and rabbits, scientists in Australia are worried about the next animal that could wreck the continent's ecosystem: supercats!

The Federal Government has been under fire after it was revealed last week that savannah cats - twice as big as domestic species - are being imported by pet shops.

Scientists are warning that bandicoots, bettongs, potoroos and possums could soon be on the menu for the imported creatures, which were originally bred by crossing domestic cats with the African serval cat.

Link (Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters)

this reminds me of that episode of the simpsons where bart hatches some eggs cuz he killed a mother bird and turns out they were lizards... then their solution was to keep getting other animals.. on up to apes.. to get rid of the previous infestation.
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@ seekshelter

Just what I was thinking. I wonder what foreign species they'll introduce to control the cats. Mutant dogs? After that...Mutant Animal Control personnel?!
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cane toads and rabbits, yeah and the rest.

Cows,cats, sheep, foxes, a lot of plants ...basically the introduction of most species pretty much was a bad move.
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Wow, TT -- you just hate everyone, don't you? First its Americans, then Australians. What next? Anyone belonging to a former colony? Take your frustration over losing a worldwide empire and take it out on Indians, the Chinese, South Africans, and hell, why not just call like it is -- everyone, because by god, if you're not English, what's the point of living?
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Australia has a lot of infestation problems....

But it shouldn't be a problem so long as people take care of their animals properly.

But I know better than that. :(
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