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The Letter in the Pond

Yes, it’s a letter, from 2003. Found in the bottom of a pond.
Recently, a friend of ours, Simon, moved to Over, just North of Cambridge, UK. He was moving to a lovely property, with a nice garden and a pond.

Simon wasn’t so keen on the pond though. It’s not very child friendly, and with two young ones running around the garden, he thought it would be safer to get rid of it.

A few buckets and hours of sweating later, Simon lifted the pond lining to discover a laminated piece of paper sitting at the bottom of the gaping hole that once was the previous owner’s pond.

You’ll need to go to the linked story to read the entire letter, but I’ll let you know this much: the writer was not happy. Link -via Metafilter

Great post Miss C, but dang what a pessimist! To go to the effort of typing and laminating; 'I'm gonna build a pond.. someones just going to fill it in i bet.. ... ..I'll write a note'
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That was awesome. And I mean that in the most literal sense: I am in awe that someone would go to that much trouble to administer a delayed remote-detonated guilt trip. Well-played, sir. Well-played.
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We recently bought a house with a small pond. We also ripped it out for the same reason (small kids). I'd wager that it took as much effort to rip that MFer out as it did to put it in.
Our neighborhood also has a tradition that they give you a rose bush when your parents pass away. There were two rose bushes planted next to the front door, given to the previous owners when their parents passed away. Guess what happened to them? Those were much easier to rip out than the pond.
Yes, I know my head is going to fall off.
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That's pretty funny, but what is even funnier is that I've done teh same thing myself. My wife and I own a nearly 200 year old house. Over the years it was pretty well conserved, but in the 1960s a family of morons lived here who did some horrendously poor quality work. I've been gradually undoing their schlock... My efforts include replacing some cheap drywall with real lath and plaster (which I can do fairly well - it's not that hard and looks/performs a lot better). Fortunately, most of the house still has real plaster, so it's only a few places where these lazy hacks screwed up the walls. Anyhow, whenever I restore a wall, I leave inside it the current day's newspaper. Occasionally, I leave inside a note as well, threathening to HAUNT them forever if they re-replace my plaster with drywall again. :-)
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Sid, my house is over 80 years old, and I'm always repairing stuff. When I replaced the vinyl floor in the bathroom, I found no subflooring. The previous owner had leveled the porch boards with newspapers! Specifically, newspapers from 1968 and 1969. They were full of RFK and MLK assassination updates and Apollo stories. I saved them as best as I can.
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Tona - No one wants to see something they created destroyed. (especially with such effort) Wonder how many more letters this guy left around the house?
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Doesn't matter how much effort you spent. You have to learn to let go of material things, or just keep the place forever.

It's a cute thing to put there, and I doubt the person who wrote the note was really all that peeved. He probably knew that one day it would give someone a chuckle.
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Why do some people take everything so seriously. The letter is pretty tongue in cheek and the pond creator obviously knew that not everyone that lived there would share his same love of pond so why not leave a little note that will make someone smile after a long day of pond removal
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