Impatient Kittens

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This is obviously a case of life or death, from the kitten’s point of view. -via Cynical-C

Oh come on, they weren't kicked. I knew someone would say that.
Animals act like it's the last time they're going to eat EVERY time they're about to get've got to wonder about the psychology/instinct behind it. My cat acted the same way every morning for the 20 years she lived. She wasn't kitten crazy but she meowed and followed your every move when you were preparing her dish.
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Those kittens are spring-loaded!

I'm not sure, but the dry food & water bowls look quite large so maybe it's for the dog/mamma cat. Plus as mentioned, the kitties probably wanted yummier wet food :)
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No, she didn't kick the cat, more pushed it out of the way with her foot.
HOWEVER... she totally pushed that kitten WAY too freaking hard when she did it with her hand.
She might not have been meaning to do it that hard, and the kitten didn't even look phased from it, but seeing the kitten semi-fly across the floor made me cringe.

Also the idiot pulling the food away from the kitten just to hear it growl at them is an idiot.
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Ha! I have a 4 month old stumpy manx kitteh and EVERY TIME he sees me walk by/around/near the cat food cabinet he starts screaming bloody murder!! He always has dry food but whenever he sees the can opener he freaks out just like that! Its so funny. If you've ever owned a cat you know what i'm talking about.

Hella gewd!
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scene in my house every morning, them nearly tripping me as i walk into the kitchen. they always have dry food and water out but god they love their wet food.
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Kittens are made of rubber. They can survive the most shocking things, and not seem to notice. Gently brushing one aside when its in the way is nothing at all. Momma cats routinely pick their kittens up by any part they can get their mouth around, and frequently drop them as they're carried. I've seen a cat carry a kitten up a flight of stairs by its EAR, only to drop it on the last step, where it then rolled back down until I caught it. Again, kitten was just fine. Didn't even cry.
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There's always the possibility that one or both of them has worms. It makes them feel like they are starving. My cats get a little nutty around Fancy Feast Time, but not that bad.
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My 3 cats get very excited when I feed them. Now if its the water left over from tuna, they go completely insane like those kittens. I've tried to feed them out of sightm, but they following my husband and I in to the kitchen when ever we go in there, regardless of what time it is. It can get irritating, but I normally don't mind it, they are my babies after all.
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That's adorable.
I work in a cat shelter. Now imagine that, with 15 cats at feeding time. Full grown. O.o Per room.
My mom's cat would get so excited she would CLIMB up your leg and back onto the counter to get to her food.
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Cats are annoying but they look like so much fun to watch. I wish I weren't allergic to them.

And she should have been a bit more careful while filming this if she wanted to put the video on the internet...

Gently pushing them across the floor may not be a bad thing because cats are so agile, but it still creates a bad impression on strangers.

Good thing there was dry food in the corner or we'd be led to believe she may be starving the cats for entertainment.
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My cat (Oz) was a real bastard kitten :)
Take a look (and be careful with those claws...)

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seems to me like they were taking an awfull long time to prepare what looked like a tiny amount of food..

Just to get more of a reaction out of them.
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