Bird Nailed by Baseball Pitch

Ouch! A poor bird got nailed when it flew into the path of a baseball pitch: hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

This is so classic, that my baseball-fan boyfriend shows it to me incessantly, whilst drunk. All I can say is, "Oh my God! That's craaaazy!" EverySingleTime. Seriously.
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yeah you know that "will not use or broadcast without the permission of major league baseball" warning on every mlb broadcast... They mean it

Classic video though, if you search Randy Johnson and bird you will find millions of posts relating to that one pitch
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From what I remember, Randy Johnson seemed upset about it when he was interviewed...

From wiki:
In a freak accident on March 24, 2001, during the 7th inning of a spring training game against the San Francisco Giants, Johnson threw a fastball that struck and killed a dove. The unlucky bird swooped across the infield just as Johnson was releasing the ball. After being struck by the pitch, the bird landed amid a "sea of feathers." The official call was "no pitch".
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This isn't the one where he hits the goose, right? I can't remember if that was Randy Johnson or not. But I know it was in Canada and it's illegal to kill geese, the police were considering arresting the pitcher, but decided it was too much of a freak accident.

Anyway, not sure if it's that one because the video's no longer available.
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It's old, it makes ya feel a little sick inside, but it's classic because it's so freak. I remember Randy saying he felt horrible about it, too. He was pretty well shook up.
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The video has been deleted...
But description reminded me another stunning video: Andy Roddick Ultimate Serve (
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