Pablo Picasso's Guernica in 3D

Pablo Picasso was commissioned by the Spanish government to commemorate the Nazi Germany bombing of Guernica, Spain, during the Spanish Civil War in 1937. The result is Guernica, a black and white painting that depicts the suffering and brutality of war.

Fast forward to 2008, where Lena Gieseke turned Picasso's Guernica mural into 3-D for her degree in computer animation from the University of Georgia.

Don't miss it: [Flash movie]

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At last I have seen it!!

Firstly It COMPLETELY misses the whole point of cubism.

Picasso and Braque were trying to dessemble the visual so that you saw the subject not from your single point of view but from all points and times at once.

A heady idea I think you'll agree.

blobbing out some 3DS MAX objects so that indivuidually you can orbit each one in turn misses the idea totally.

It's like they have absolutely no appreciation of the piece, no knowledge of the artist and no regard for the intention.

flawed at inception.

And as an aside I think it wasn't the Nazis who bombed Geurnica.

Oh they were all Germans, all NSDAP party men, all flying in German planes and dropping german ordnance.

But they were all Volunteers who had gone to fight in the Condor Legion.

It was the Luftwaffe, of that I have no doubt. But it is under the command of the Spanish and answerable to Francos fascists.

Now effectively this was nonsense as they actually behaved as Luftwaffe and the Nationalists knew that they would have to ask nicely to get anything done.

Small point but one worth making

Also the Condor Legion was Commanded by a relative of the Red Baron, Manfred Von Richtofen, Obersleutnant Wolfram Von Richtofen.
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I disagree with you ted : I think the 3D opens wide fields of creation. I'm sure Picasso would have liked to play with it. Good idea by a student ; we'll see what she'll do when she'll be professional. Neat it is.
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