Nanohealing Gel

A new material developed by Arch Therapeutics can stop bleeding almost instantly.
The material consists of naturally occurring amino acids that have been engineered to form peptides that spontaneously cluster together to create long fibers when exposed to salty, aqueous environments, such as those found in the body. The fibers form a mesh that serves as a physical barrier to blood and other fluids.

The first application will be for surgery. When bleeding occurs during an operation, time can be saved by pouring the material on instead of searching through the blood to cauterize vessels. Emergency personnel may also be able to use it for accident and battlefield wounds. The body will break it down eventually, so it doesn’t have to be removed after use. Clinical trials will begin soon. Link -via Engadget

(image credit: Asia Kepka)

I'm suddenly reminded of the healing material Bacta from Star Wars - thats the stuff Luke was submerged in in that tank in Empire Strikes Back after he was attacked by the wampa on Hoth.

That's the nerdiest thing I've ever said...
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Score 1 for science! Though I don't think pouring it inside a surgical site would be the best idea. There are other aqueous environments in an open abdomen besides broken blood vessels. But in an accident/war? Or even, once it's made cost effective, scrapes and cuts? Awesome!
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There is a new product on the market called KytoStat that is great for external wounds. KytoStat is as easy to use as a regular bandaid. Just apply it to the wound and it stops the bleeding. You don’t even need to wipe the blood away. In fact, the blood allows the chitosan in KytoStat to seal the wound. For more information, visit
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I thought the healing stuff they use in Star Wars is kolto? As in kolto tanks? At least that's what they call it in Knights of the Old Republic... maybe they changed it from the films for some reason.
It reminds me more of the stuff they use in Trauma Centre! You just whack a load of it on and it CURES EVERYTHING! I knew they were going to invent something like this eventually!
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