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IDOT Failed to See the Humor in Stop (in the Name of Love) Signs

Last year, Mayor Dave Heilmann of Oak Lawn, Illinois, added humorous signs to the city's stop signs in attempt to get drivers to obey.

The Illinois Department of Transportation, however, wasn't amused: they ordered the mayor to take the signs down:

"I thought that was a very harsh response to an effort to promote safety," Heilmann said. "I truly believe the signs were making an impact. They were around schools and heavily trafficked areas. The community loved them, and we heard from all over the country about how thinking outside the box was a good way to reinforce the message that people need to stop."

Heilmann launched his public safety campaign to cut down on speeding through stop signs in September. He added slogans such as "and smell the roses" and "means that you aren't moving" to 50 stop signs.,0,177113.story - via Fogonazos, thanks aberron!

Typical, government bureaucracy getting in the way of a successful attempt to improve citizen's lives. So what if it's a little unusual, and (deity forbid!) makes people smile?
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But he's the governor! how can a state government agency tell him what to do?! Thats like the Secretary of Transportation ordering the president around!

Or is IDOT Federal?
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Wow. They'd rather stick to the manual than keep going with a campaign that was proven to work, thus saving lives. I wonder if they keep the manual in a shrine, and worship it. I wonder if traffic fatalities are 'offerings' to the book.
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Alright, I might as well play the devil's advocate here if no one else will.

IDOT probably had no choice but to do this, because by posting nearly identical signs right under the legal stops signs, the mayor created a legal loophole for stop-sign runners. They could claim they ran the sign because they were distracted by the text on the parody sign, or because they thought because of the combined message that the real sign was just a prank, and not a legal directive.

(and what the hell is wrong with the comment software? half the time my posts don't show up, and the rest of the time I get a message telling me I'm posting too quickly)
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Man, $1700 in signs had to be junked. I think they should throw them up on ebay for charity for the town. I know a few sign enthusiasts that would probably find these signs fun to have...particularly "in the name of love."
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