The Man Who Regrew His Finger

We've posted about the "magical" power of the pig bladder powder to regrow finger a couple of months ago - and now, the BBC has an interview with the man who regrew his finger, Lee Spievak.

Link (BBC Media Player/Flash Video, complete with some gruesome images of Lee's finger) - Thanks Jonathan Beaton, Lasse Bang, and Louise!

Sorry Ali, I think it can only regenerate existing limbs.

However, if you do happen to have an 8 limbed spider monkey that get injured whilst doing your bidding, he will never have to worry about becoming a lesser limbed simian soldier.
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This really is not all that uncommon, allot of people regrow finger tips without any (pixie dust). When i was 16 I got a finger taken off in an a saw just below the second knuckle, 25 years later I have re-grown the knuckle.(about1/2 an inch) I figure in another 175 years I should have most of the finger back.
The cells on our hands and feet regenerate faster than just about any other cells. A finger tip is one thing, a hole finger would be something. It does seem to accelerate the growth quite a bit, and we all know what happens when cells grow to fast.
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Carry on - nothing special here.

I lost about 2/3 of my pinky nail and the fleshy part below.

4-6 weeks I could not even tell and yes my nail does grow faster on that hand than the other.

Table saw accident, wasnt paying attention. First thing I thought about was about how angry my girl would be. Funny.

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Crazy pictures...made my stomach roll.

This is pretty amazing, even if fingers (and maybe other parts) have natural regenerative powers, maybe it speeds things up?

Cool...and I'm sure there's people willing to chop something off to test it out...
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My husband managed to slice the side of his right hand off from the pinkie finger to about mid-palm, about 1/4 of an inch deep, on a meat slicer <>. It refused to heal, let alone grow back, despite the doctors best efforts. It became infected and it looked really bad until his mother washed it in warm salt water, patted it dry and packed it with Bag Balm, an antiseptic that has been used for over 100 years on cattle, horses and other domestic animals. Not only did it heal THE ENTIRE AREA GREW BACK WITH PINK SUPPLE FLESH-NO SCARRING! We use it on everything from boils to diaper rash, on the kids and the animals.
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