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Refuse to Carry Frenchmen and Dogs ...


There was an anti-France/anti-Carrefour/anti-Tibetan independence protest in China over the weekend (Carrefour is a large supermarket chain based out of France), and this taxi driver was quick to capitalize on the anti-French mood! Maybe it's just because the French don't tip well ...


The French tip about ten percent for cabs. Dogs, however, do not tip and will get hair all over your back seat. I hate getting in a cab after a dog's been in it and ending up looking like a crazy cat lady who lives with her mother.
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i read someone from one of the spokespeople that organized the protests...they said that they weren't protesting the store... its just that they got more attention for holding the protest in front of them
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@Chad - You wonder why they didn't write it in French instead of English? Come on! Then how would the dogs know they couldn't hire that cab - who ever heard of a dog who could read French?

That's just silly =P
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the sign is a reference to the phrase "no chinese or dogs allowed" a sign that was often posted in european controlled zones of chinese port cities such as shanghai, during the late 19th and early 20th century.

so... not because the french doesn't tip well (in fact, tipping is not a common practice in china at all)
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Rooting for your own country when it is obviously breaking international conventions is stupid!

Another country where this is common comes to mind... Stop waving those flags, regardless of the background color for the stars.
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I don't know why France focuses the Chinese attention while other countries in Europe and in the World criticise the Chinese position. Maybe because our former president, Jacques Chirac, had really good relations with China (he didn't care much about the human rights issues by the way...). They may feel betrayed or something like that.

But anyway, it's really sad to see such message, no matter who is pointed.
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French people don't tip because it's against the socialistic ideology we've been enduring since the end of WW2.
@Neurogirl, French people don;t tip 10% of their cab fare, or they have a freaking heavy set of suitcases...
What the French cabs protected market need is more of the "invisible hand"!

The Chinese are moking the Frecnh because we did not succeed in our marxist revolution.
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@ted : France has always been the country of human rights and we will continue to defend them even if they boycot ... To have visited more than fifty countries I can say that nothing is like Paris, the most beautiful city in the world :) !
I find this picture ridiculous, and it makes me sad, how can he supports the Chinese government that kills thousands of people ... ?
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