Trivia: The Sleepiest Animal in the World

The sleepiest animal in the world is the koala, who sleeps 22 hours a day.

Next is the sloth (20 hours), armadillo and opossum (tied at 19 hours each), lemur (16 hours), then hamster and squirrel (tied at 14 hours each).

How about cats? Though some cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day, the average cat sleeps 13 hours a day. In comparison to koalas, cats are downright energetic!

BAH! My ferret sleeps 23 & 1/2 hours daily, awakening only when I feed him, clean his litter box and let him out. He runs around for about 15 minutes and then curls up under the covers on my bed.
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Funny, though, when rodents like the hamster and squirrel are awake, their metabolisms are so darned fast, that they have to rest, just to keep from burning out!
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My son has a daushound that I've never actually seen awake. When he takes it for walks, he carried it's sleeping form to it's favorite pee spots, it pees, and then leaps into his arms to be carried back to it's bed, asleep again almost instantly.
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@ Alannah :

As a dog owner and lover, have you had the dog checked out by a vet?

That behavior does not sound healthy. That species is usually energetic and vibrant.

I am not picking on you, I am just concerned about the animal.
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wrong, the sleepiest animal in the world is the apathetic American who takes it up the hiney for poor healthcare, big pharm which fucks them at every turn, and marijuana which is still illegal to grow, despite it being here for people to actually USE. Sleep, pandas, sleep, while the corporations run your pathetic lives. Enjoy another funny while another Wal-Mart moves in and you continue paying sky high prices for your medicine while the oil companies laugh as you continue to bitch and buy their offerings anyway.

the animals have it easy
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Koalas sleep so much because eucalyptus, their main food of choice, has basically the same effect as giving a human marijuana, they're pretty much stoned as they cling onto that tree. That's also why the main cause of death of koalas is falling out of the tree.
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I'm upset with this list. What about ferrets? They spend from 16 to 18 hours sleeping each day! I know it because it is the time I spend watching them sleep hahaha
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