Kid's Pimp Halloween Costume and Other Bizarre Toys

This. Is. Just. Wrong.... Behold the Pimp Suit Halloween costume and, of course, the accompanying costume for mom.

For more bizarre toys and products for kids, check out the list at Cole's Toys blog: Link - Thanks John Hobby!

Not a toy but a hilarious costume this reminded me of...I used to work at Halloween Express and we had this large full body muscle costume with white skin, blue tight body suit with a large red "S". And a long white tail.
Yes. Sperm man.
What made this even better was when a little girl said to her mom "Look! A superman costume for daddy!" and the mom said "Oh yes, let's go get him to see it!"
Either she didn't catch on...or she did.... >.<
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"Bajo Red Car" -- am I going to hell for laughing at that?
"Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure" -- Please tell me that the Amazon review was sarcastic? Please?

"The Bog Monster Toilet Prank" That I must have.
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Aaah c'mon, think about it. A fancy costume with a big hat made out of "real" velvet! Great!!
Kids dress up as pirates every day. Murdering, robbing, looting, raping, ship burning pirates with big hats.
On another note, the cat lady doll could lead to a whole series needing social services. I'm seeing babymamas, stubble-cheeked old pisspants men, a tourettes doll, the meals on wheels wagon. There's a lot of room to expand with this theme.
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No kidding, a kid came dressed as a pimp to my parents house. He was with his dad, who was also dressed like a pimp, and his mom, who was slinking around in the shadows, probably embarrassed.
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The Toilet Monster Prank? I couldn't tell if the kid in the video was more freaked out by the prank, or by the fact that his dad was filming him going to the bathroom.
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