Jesus Price.

Hockey is a religion in Montreal, Quebec.

So it's no surprise that someone made a Jesus Christ / Carey Price video on YouTube. Carey Price is the Montreal Canadiens' rookie goalie. Talk about putting a whole lotta pressure on the young 20 year old!

Click play or go to link here.

I watched this video because my brother-in-law is a huge Habs fan (yes, I am Canadian) and I think maybe I'll send it to him. But as I watch, I realize it's kind of sacrilegious and wrong and I should just turn it off. Then my Canadian hockey brainwashing kicked in and damnit if the double-save near the end didn't give me goosebumps. The kid is good! Would I compare him the Jesus Christ, no, but then I'm a Vancouver Canucks fan.
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on this same video, Deadspin wrote: "Finally, it's good to see that Canadiens fans have their expectations grounded in reality and their exuberance held well in check. With that in mind, here's a video that intercuts clips of Carey Price with Jesus Christ. Say, that's not the Cup of a carpenter..."
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I don't get it either, but that's not unusual when it comes to the good people of Canadia and their peculiar sport of hookey or something rather.

While talkin' about the sport, I miss those little firetrail they put on the puck. I can't see what's going on without it.

And what's up with the brawls? Are those like features of the sport?
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Alex - LOL, yeah they tried putting something on the puck so more people could see it. It made the game look like a videogame though!

Fighting is part of hockey but I prefer watching a player score a great goal!
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Not a Habs fan, but it's still amusing. The team and coaching staff have some brass ones for putting Price as their #1 for the playoffs, and other than Wednesdays game against the Bruins, he's done a pretty upstanding job.

This is a team that has a history of fantastic goalies, so he has some pretty impressive shoes to fill. Habs fans are worse than any other hockey fans for their support (when things are going well) and their ruthlessness when things are going poorly.
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