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Parents Fight Over Which Gang Their Kid Should Join!

Parents normally fight to keep their children out of gangs, but not this one: the mother is a Crip, and the father is a Westside Baller. And they got into a fight over which gang their 4-year-old toddler should join!

On Saturday, Joseph Manzanares stormed into the Hollywood Video store where his girlfriend worked, threatened to kill her and knocked over several video displays and even a computer, Commerce City police Sgt. Joe Sandoval said. [...]

His girlfriend told police that they had been arguing about the upbringing of their son and which gang he should belong to. The teen mother, who is black, is a member of the Crips. Manzanares is Hispanic and belongs to the Westside Ballers gang, the woman said.

"They have different ideas on how the baby should be raised. Basically, she said they cannot agree on which gang the baby would 'claim,'"Sandoval said.

Link - Thanks Tiff!

That's pretty interesting. In L.A., many Black and Latino gangs are at each other's throats, and there's so much bad blood they've both excluded anyone outside their race joining. The Crips/Bloods vs. the Southsiders. In fact, in L.A. this particular child, because he has Black bloodlines, wouldn't be allowed to join many Latino gangs in L.A.
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I could say a lot of disparaging things... but it's nice to see a daddy that cares about his child's future. Sure, his judgment is terrible... but at least he's sort of there.
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Shoot them both. Today. We can probably save the kid, but honestly he'd have a better chance at a decent life if we let a pack of wolves raise him. Might end up with better diction, too.
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I'm surprised they even GOT together to have a kid the way gangs are so "particular" *cough* about who they associate with.

Windowshoppist: I agree.
bean: seriously? i hope you're being sarcastic...
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The best solution would be to find a neutral gang which neither parent can claim as their own, such as the Bloods or Hell's Angels. Or, they can put out bandanas with Crips & Westside Ballers colors and see which one the little tot grabs first. So many problems can be easily resolved with a little common sense.
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Wow, the state should really take that kid away.

Ted: drugs. A baller is someone who has the money to deal in larger increments of drugs. An 8-ball is slang for 1/8 of an ounce, and I'm pretty sure the term balling is derived from that.
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Geekazoid: Eighteenth Street accepts blacks, and the Bloods accept Latinos. Where I live (Torrance), there's a minor war going on between a Latino gang and a black gang. It's sad.

Louisa, I couldn't agree more. And that's sad, too.
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In 1000 years, historians will view Mike Judge as a visionary. Except that in 1000 years the average IQ will be about 25, so we won't have any historians.
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I think his best choice would just be Norteno. With the upbringing he's going to be getting, I'm sure that Familia Nuestra is going to be his first exposure when he hits juvie at 9...
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The cops should set up some sort of sting operation, one in which they pretend to be counseling for teen parents who can't decide which gang to put Jr. in. Such easy convictions...
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Thanks for the drug info. When I grew up, balling meant something a little more innocuous. Sigh, nobody understands my dry humour...
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Parents macro-managing kids social lives is a major problem today. Back in the day, Spanky and Buckwheat formed their own little interracial gang and did just fine.
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I've got the perfect solution for the kids future.
Let him become an Explorer with the Police dept. Then he can make both parents mad. The ultimate teenager rebelling against his parents. Of course chances are he wouldn't live to be old enough to actually become an Officer but either way it solves the problem.
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Wow, Crash. Pretty presumptuous to suggest that none of us know what it's like to be poor. I grew up very poor, but luckily my parents took what little money they had and moved me out of SoCal where I was born to avoid this kind of future.
Poverty doesn't equal stupidity. And these losers are stupid. It's the stupidity that's "shocking".
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Maybe they should form a new gang - The Crip Ballers. What does a 4 year old have to do to jump in? Steal pull ups? Heist a case of drink boxes? Beat up 5 year old?

Seriously, I hope the little guy has been taken somewhere safely away from the gang life. If not, he's probably doomed to a life of poverty, drugs and violence.
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The gangs are becoming a real problem here in California. Mostly in LA. I used to go up to LA and enjoy a weekend there now and then. Right now, I am much too afraid to go up because of the rising violence. The police chief, Bill Bratton, doesn't know how to handle Los Angeles crimes. He should go back to New York.
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I thought it was ridiculous when I read that yuppie parents stress out to the max worrying about getting their toddler into the right pre-school, casue if you don't get them in the right preschiool then they won't get into the right kindergarten, which means they won't get in the right....on up to getting into Harvard, etc...

But this just takes the cake.

I say go for the Westside Ballers.
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Want to be a parent? Get a license. You need a license to drive, and in some states, if not all, a license to breed pets, and even own pets. I think if you want to be a parent, you need to get license to prevent shitapillers like this from breeding and polluting humanity.
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How long are we going to tolerate illegal gangs in our communities? What we need are grass roots efforts to eradicate gangs and the sale of illegal drugs. If we don't try, we all deserve what we get. We can start by disspelling some of the myths going around in our society. For instance, many people young and old believe that drug pushers make a lot of money. However, one U. of C. researcher found that gang members selling illegal drugs only made $3.50 per hour. In other words, gang members made less than half of the minimum wage. Gang members could make more money slinging hamburgers and they wouldn't have to go to jail for it. In addition, young people on the borderline need to know that every wrong doer gets caught, one way or another.

Operation Safe Child
P.O. Box 810
Maywood Illinois
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