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The Best Game Ever!

(YouTube link)

What do you take with you to a Little League game? If you’re Improv Everywhere, you take a cheering section, a Jumbotron, some play-by-play announcers, and a blimp. It sent a bunch of unsuspecting ten-year-old players (and their parents) to baseball heaven. Read the particulars at Improv Everywhere. Link -via Metafilter

Aww, I just woke up and already my day has been -made- =) What an awesome thing to do, and I love that they truly went all-out for it ... Go Mudcats and Lugnuts!
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The same group of people did a "Best Gig Ever" wherein they memorized all of the songs by a band and mobbed a nightclub performance of theirs in New York City. There is a YouTube link about it here:

The whole event was featured in the first episode of the television version of This American Life with Ira Glass on Showtime. It's worth seeking out for a download if you like that sort of thing.
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I want to be part of this group so badly!!! Everything I've seen them do is absolute genius. Frozen Grand Central Station, Food Court Musical, all of them, totally awesome.
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I'm a huge fan of Improv Everywhere! I can't imagine the stories being told at school the next day! Where did they get the money for this mission? That had to cost a heck of a lot of money.
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@DanO: I don't know, maybe some people like to do things that brighten other peoples' lives, while getting a small amount of enjoyment out of it themselves? Whacky concept, I know!

Re: Everybody else who wants to join in. Check the official site, there are hundreds of small groups sprouting up in almost every major city right now. Check out the link, from IE's own FAQ:
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Thank you so much for directing me to the improv everywhere site! I can't wait to explore...
That video was wonderful. I love how excited the kids were. There happiness seriously brought tears to my eyes. Pure joy!
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I like Improv Everywhere's early stuff when it was small and just surreal. The later stuff (yes, as featured on This American Life) and this one are invasive, intrusive, and annoying.

They're not entertaining everyone else as much as they are entertaining themselves. To do so, they (the organizers at least) take a view that their prank will obviously be fun for everyone. If you are a target and you don't have fun, then you didn't get the joke or you're just boring.

If the kids enjoyed it, then great, I'm glad for them. But this doesn't make IE's pranks smart, funny, or entertaining if you're the target.
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