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The Best Bento Boxes EVAR: Mario and Homer Simpson

We've posted about cute Japanese bento boxes (their version of lunch boxes - who says Japanese people aren't creative?) before on Neatorama, but these two are too cute to pass!

Behold, the Super Mario Bento Box - via Technabob, thanks Jimmy!

And the Homer Simpson Bento Box at Kasumin Yorosiku's Blog:

i'm a bit curious as to what it's actually made of, but still: want want want! (is there a toad one? and isn't it sad that a girl freaks out about a mario bento box?:D)
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Bento boxes are fun but like ted says who has time to prepare them. I usually forgo cutting and molding my food into cute shapes and just throw it all in the box. I think the exception to this rule is a picnic type date, then it is only to make an impression :D
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One of my grandsons insisted that food could not be beautiful, so I took him to a Japanese bakery. The Japanese do amazing things with food, many of them very beautiful.
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I'm a very big video game nerd and a simposons fan and I exploded when I saw these.

Must have!

Barbwire, yeah the Japanese bakery I once lived around was amazing. They had the best melon bread.
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The Japanese arm of Cartoon Network did something similar -- they have obento (as well as recipes/instructions if you can read them!) of a bunch of their popular cartoons :
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Could I ask the question, who has ever said Japanese people aren’t creative?

No really, where the f*ck did that statement come from?

How could anyone ever think that the Japanese are not creative?

I mean they're human beings so are innately creative, and they are from a culture that is even by humanities high standards , very creative.

Genuinely strange thing to say, even couched in the "Who says..." format.

Has anyone said they weren't?

Is there some strain of racism that I was unaware of?
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@ Pol x
People have said the Japanese aren't that creative because they often *improve* things rather than innovate. Take for instance the car industry where the only thing the Japanese have *created* was the coin collector, everything else the Japanese simply took pre-existing parts and improved upon them.

It's the nature of the Japanese culture which is often likened to an ant colony. Everyone is in a collective hierarchy operating as one big efficient machine, which benefits consistency/quality but downplays innovation.

But that doesn't mean they're devoid of creativity - just they're less known for stepping out of line, thinking outside the box. The Bento box is my favorite for lunch but I must say I've never had such an elaborate one as found in those pics.
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I'm with you, Pol x. I've never heard such a thing; in fact, I find Japanese culture to have some of the most creative and innovative stuff around. Some of it bizarre, sure.. but creative all the way.
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omg i <3 bentos there so japanese and i <3 any thing 4rm japan
ps. dont be scared im not a prepi just <3japanese stuff ind so do all my 4rends
pss. <3 means love
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For those of you who don't know, a traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. Bento can be elaborately arranged (as you can see in the pictures) The food is often decorated to look like people, animals, or characters and items such as flowers and plants. This style of elaborate bento is called kyaraben.
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