Funny Farm Machinery Warning Labels

Doug of HolyJuan blog has a nice compilation of farm machinery warning labels with funny captions.

I Lol'd heartily at a few of them (Dancing with Heather Mills, Hah!) and I bet you would too. Head over yonder: Link

1) couldn't that have been said with only 1 post instead of 3?
2) there's a built-in spell checker. Just sayin'.
3) who the hell would show their son a picture like that?
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I've got a slight variation of that in my Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness:

Caption: "Lighsabers should only be operated by registered Jedis or paduans in the presence of their masters."
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Yeah, those warning labels may look funny, but people from my hometown have actually died just like that. Farm equipment is dangerous unless used properly. And even so, it can still harm you if used correctly. That being said, we actually used to say, "I'm hiding the sun under here." I laughed.
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Man, I love repurposed warning labels. My all-time favorite is an old electricity warning that says "caution: electric slide in progress".
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i like the "cake is a lie" sign. great reference.

my ex-boyfriend's dad used to be an EMS and one time he had a call to a farm where the guy got run over by his tractor... his dad said there were pieces of the guy all over the lawn, and the rest of him was stuck in the blades of the tractor. yea. said it was the grossest thing he'd ever seen in his entire career.
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