Owl Threat Response

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One owl has a repertoire of responses to different threats. He can make himself big, make himself small, or just ignore the enemy. Although he was in no real danger, I felt sorry for the little guy. -via Everlasting Blort

What is the name of this show? When will it end up on Animal Planet, as "Iron Chef" did on FoodTV and "Ninja Warrior" did with G4?

And what is the story with that Lapp band?
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Out of curiousity, anyone know what type of owl this guy is? I don't think I've ever seen his kind before (Although I can recognize the barn owl used to scare him).
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The show is just a typical variety show in Japan on TV that shows interested stuff, any interesting stuff, kind of like but is on during Prime Time. They love these sorts of pesud-educational shows in Japan on TV, as there are dozens of them, during the day and at night.

The owl has taken on a massive trend in Japan as an alternative pet to a parakeet/budgie or cat/dog. Because of its small size and entertainment value and relatively docile nature.
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