The Thing Optical Illusion

The pic of Marvel Comics superhero The Thing of Fantastic Four is definitely one of the best examples of trompe l'oeil I've seen. It was drawn by Justen Ladda in 1981 at PS 37 in the Bronx, New York. Link

(click on the "Side View" to see how it was done)

Update 3/18/08 - Here's the side view of Justen's art. I hope it makes sense now :)

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That was pretty nice made ^^ And yeah the "chalk-guy" is pretty nice to, the people saying this is "shopped" should take a look for him.

Here is an instruction on how to find him:

Go to a nice website called "" then you type the words "Sidewalk chalk guy" in the white square where there probably is a vertical line blinking.

Then you press enter it is probably the biggest key on your keyboard (The thing in front of you you use to type with)

Then a lof of pages will show on your screen and you will be able to click one of the pages with your mouse. (Aint going to explain that to)

Sincerely "Adam"

1st. No I do NOT work in tech-support. :P

2nd. 10 year old should have access to the internet.

3rd. Stop saying everything is "shopped" you are making a fool out of yourself and therefore you will be treated like one.

4th. Yeah you can probably find some spelling errors go ahead. :)

5th. Atleast I spell better than many Americans.
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it's a shoop i can tell by the pixels and having seen a few shoops in my day

just kidding this is great work and the comments are truly hilarious. it's very easy to deride a great work but coming up with an idea like this and then implementing it is very challenging. Have any of the dissenters even used a projector to do this type of work? It's a little more difficult than you might think.

I think there are lots of trolls around here too...just trying to get a reaction.
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"The Thing Optical Illusion"

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